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People who changed the world history

Biographies of Famous People
Archimedes Greek mathematician and inventor
Aristotle Greek philosopher
Aryabhata Indian mathematician and Astronomer
Avicenna Persian physician and scholar
David Baltimore American Microbiologist
Daniel Bernoulli Swiss mathematician
Joseph Black British chemist and physicist
Niels Bohr Nobel Prize-winning physicist
Max Born British physicist
Robert Boyle British physicist
Robert Brown Scottish botanist
Henry Cavendish English chemist
Arthur Holly Compton American physicist
Nicolaus Copernicus Polish astronomer
Francis Crick British biochemist who co-discovered molecular structure of DNA
Marie Curie Polish-born French physicist and only female to win two Nobel Prozes
Georges Cuvier French Anatomist
John Dalton English meteorologist and chemist
Charles Darwin English Scientist published the theory of evolution by natural selection in his seminal book, Origin of Species
Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac Nobel Prize-winning English scientist
Theodosius Dobzhansky Russian American scientist
Gerald Maurice Edelman American physician and chemist
Albert Einstein German-American physicist who discovered theories of relativity
Michael Faraday English physicist and chemist
Enrico Fermi Italian-American Nuclear Physicist
Richard Feynman U.S. physicist
Andrew Z. Fire American biologist
Alexander Fleming Scottish physician and bacteriologist and discoverer of penicillin
Rosalind Franklin British biophysicist
Galen Of Pergamum Roman physician and philosopher
Galileo Galilei Italian Physicist who used telescope to see into space
George Gamow Russian-born American nuclear physicist
Murray Gell-Mann Nobel Prize winning physicist
Jane Goodall British ethologist known for her research on the chimpanzees of Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania
Otto Hahn German chemist
Edmond Halley English astronomer and mathematician
William Harvey English physician who discovered the nature of blood circulation
Stephen Hawking Physicist known for his book A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes
Werner Heisenberg German physicist
Hermann von Helmholtz German scientist known for his law of the conservation of energy
William Herschel German-born British astronomer who discoered Uranus in 1781
Peter Higgs British physicist
Hippocrates Father of Medicine
Robert Hooke English physicist
Alexander von Humboldt German scholar and explorer
James Hutton Scottish scientist
Christiaan Huygens Dutch astronomer, mathematician, and physicist who doscovered the shape of the rings of Saturn
Ibn al-Haytham Arabic mathematician and astronomer
James Prescott Joule English physicist
Lord Kelvin British scientists who developed a temperature scale
Johannes Kepler Renaissance astronomer and astrologer
Jean-Baptiste de Monet Lamarck French scientist who coined the word biologie (“biology”)
Pierre-Simon Laplace French astronomer
Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier French chemist
Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey Kenyan archaeologist and anthropologist
Anton van Leeuwenhoek Dutch microscopist
Justus Liebig German chemist
Carolus Linnaeus Swedish naturalist and physician
Hans Lipperhey German-Dutch spectacle-maker and inventor of telescope
Charles Lyell British geologist
Marcello Malpighi Italian physician and biologist
Lynn Margulis American biologist
James Clerk Maxwell Scottish physicist known for his theory of electromagnetic waves
Barbara McClintock American scientist
Lise Meitner Austrian physicist
Craig C. Mello American scientist
Gregor Mendel Father of genetics
Dmitry Mendeleyev Russian scientist who developed periodic table of the elements
Thomas Hunt Morgan American zoologist and geneticist
Isaac Newton English physicist and mathematician known for his laws of motion
Julius Robert Oppenheimer American physicist
Louis Pasteur French chemist
Linus Pauling American chemist and only person to have been awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes
Max Planck German physicist
Joseph Priestley English scientist who discovered oxygen
Stanley Prusiner American physician and researcher
Ptolemy Greek astronomer, mathematician, and geographer
Ernest Rutherford Nuclear physicist who discovered radioactivity
Carl Sagan American astronomer
Abdus Salam Pakistani nuclear physicist
Frederick Sanger English biochemist and Nobel Prize winner in 1958 and 1980
Matthias Jacob Schleiden German botanist
Erwin Schrödinger Austrian theoretical physicist
Theodor Schwann German physiologist
George Gaylord Simpson American paleontologist
Edward Teller American physicist
Nikola Tesla Inventor of alternating-current (AC)
Thales of Miletus Greek philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician
Joseph J. Thomson British physicist and the discoverer of the electron
Tycho Brahe Danish astronomer
Neil deGrasse Tyson American astronomer
Andreas Vesalius Flemish physician and surgeon
Alessandro Volta Italian physicist and inventor of electric battery
James Dewey Watson American geneticist and co-discoverer of played a significant role in the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA
Alfred Wegener German meteorologist
Steven Weinberg American nuclear physicist
Edward O. Wilson American biologist and the world’s leading authority on ants
Edward Witten American mathematical physicist
Chien-shiung Wu Chinese-American physicist
Shinya Yamanaka Japanese physician and researcher
Chen Ning Yang Chinese-American theoretical physicist
Yukawa Hideki Theoretical physicist and Japan’s first Nobel laureate
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