Names for Groups of birds

The generic collective noun for any type of birds is a flock. A group of birds roosting in large numbers is called a colony. A group of birds in flight is called a flight. A group of birds kept in an aviary is called a volery. The other collective nouns used for birds are congregation, roost, dissimulation, fleet, parcel, pod, drift and rush.
Bird Collective Noun Usage
budgerigarsflockA flock of budgerigars
bullfinchesbellowingA bellowing of bullfinches
bustardsflockA flock of bustards
canariesoperaAn opera of canaries
cockatooschatteringA chattering of cockatoos
cormorantsgulpA gulp of cormorants
cranessedge, siege A sedge of cranes
crowsmurderA murder of crows
dovesbevyA bevy of doves
ducksflockA flock of ducks
eaglesconvocationA convocation of eagles
emusmobA mob of emus
falconscastA cast of falcons
finchescharmA charm of finches
flamingosflamboyance, standA flamboyance of flamingos
geeseflockA flock of geese
gullscolony A colony of gulls
hawkscast, kettleA cast of hawks
heronssiegeA siege of herons
larksexaltationAn exaltation of larks
nightingaleswatchA watch of nightingales
ostrichesflockA flock of ostriches
owlsparliamentA parliament of owls
parrotscompanyA company of parrots
partridgescoveyA covey of partridges
peacocksmusterA muster of peacocks
pelicanscolonyA colony of pelicans
penguinscolonyA colony of penguins
pigeonsflockA flock of pigeons
puffinsraftA raft of puffins
quailbevyA bevy of quail
ravensunkindnessAn unkindness of ravens
robinswormA worm of robins
seagullsflockA flock of seagulls
sparrowshostA host of sparrows
storksmusterA muster of storks
swallowsflightA flight of swallows
swansbevyA bevy of swans
swiftsflockA flock of swifts
toucansduranteA durante of toucans
vultureswakeA wake of vultures
woodpeckersdescentA descent of woodpeckers
wrensherdA herd of wrens
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