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Ologies list - branches of science

A - Ologies list - branches of science starting with A

Acanthochronologystudy of cactus spines grown in time ordered sequence
Acarologystudy of mites and ticks
Aceologystudy of remedies, or of therapeutics
Acologystudy of medical remedies
Acousticsstudy of sound
Actinobiologystudy of the scientific principles, mechanisms, and effects of the interaction of ionizing radiation with living matter
Adenologystudy of glands
Aedoeologystudy of generative organs
Aerobiologystudy of airborne organisms
Aerodoneticsstudy of gliding
Aerodynamicsstudy of movement in a flow of air or gas
Aerolithologystudy of aerolites; meteorites
Aerologystudy of the atmosphere
Aeronauticsstudy of navigation through air or space
Aeropalynologystudy of pollens and spores in atmosphere
Aerostaticsstudy of air pressure; art of ballooning
Agnoiologystudy of ignorance
Agriologystudy of primitive peoples
Agrobiologystudy of plant nutrition; soil yields
Agroecologystudy of ecological processes applied to agricultural production systems
Agrogeologystudy of agrominerals
Agrologystudy of agricultural soils
Agronomicsstudy of productivity of land
Agrostologystudy of grasses
Alethiologystudy of truth
Algedonicsstudy of pleasure and pain
Algologystudy of algae
Algologystudy of pain
Anaesthesiologystudy of anaesthetics
Anatomystudy of the structure of the body
Andragogystudy of educating of adults
Andrologystudy of men's physiology
Anemologystudy of wind
Angiologystudy of blood flow and lymphatic system
Anthropobiologystudy of human biology
Anthropologystudy of human cultures
Anthrozoologystudy of human-animal interaction
Apiologystudy of bees
Aquatic ecologystudy of aquatic environment
Arachnologystudy of arachnids
Archaeologystudy of human material remains
Archelogystudy of first principles
Archologystudy of the origins of government
Areologystudy of Mars
Aretaicsscience of virtue
Aristologystudy of dining
Aromachologystudy of smell and odor
Arthrologystudy of joints
Arthropodologystudy of arthropods like insects and arachnids
Astacologyscience of crayfish
Asteroseismologystudy of star oscillations
Astheniologystudy of diseases of weakening and aging
Astrobiologystudy of extraterrestrial life
Astrobotanystudy of plants in space
Astrodynamicsstudy of motion of rockets and spacecraft
Astrogeologystudy of extraterrestrial geology
Astronomystudy of celestial bodies and phenomena
Astrophysicsstudy of behaviour of interstellar matter
Atmologystudy of aqueous vapor
Audiologystudy of hearing
Autecologystudy of ecology of one species
Autologystudy of oneself
Auxologystudy of growth
Avionicsstudy of electronic devices for aircraft
Axiologystudy of the ultimate nature of value

B - Ologies list - branches of science starting with B

Bacteriologystudy of bacteria
Balneologystudy of the therapeutic use of baths
Barodynamicsstudy of the support and mechanics of bridges
Barologystudy of gravitational force
Bathymetrystudy of underwater depth of ocean floors or lake floors
Batologystudy of brambles
Bibliologystudy of books
Biblioticsstudy of documents to determine authenticity
Biochemistrystudy of chemical processes within and relating to living organism
Bioecologystudy of interaction of life in the environment
Biologystudy of life
Biomechanicsstudy of the structure, function and motion of the mechanical aspects of biological systems
Biometricsstudy of biological measurement for security purposes
Bionomicsstudy of organisms interacting in their environments
Biophysicsstudy of physics of biological phenomena
Biopsychologystudy of application of the biology to psychology
Biotribologystudy of friction, wear and lubrication of biological systems
Botanystudy of plants
Bromatologystudy of food
Bryologystudy of mosses and liverworts

C - Ologies list - branches of science starting with C

Cacogenicsstudy of racial degeneration
Caliologystudy of bird's nests
Calorificsstudy of heat
Cambistryscience of international exchange
Campanologystudy of bells
Carcinologystudy of crabs and other crustaceans
Cardiologystudy of the heart
Caricologystudy of sedges
Carpologystudy of fruit
Cartographystudy of making maps and globes
Catacousticsstudy of echoes or reflected sounds
Catallacticsstudy of commercial exchange
Celestial mechanicsstudy of motion of objects in outer space
Cell biologystudy of the different structures and functions of both eukaryote and prokaryote cells
Cetologystudy of whales and dolphins
Chaologystudy of chaos or chaos theory
Characterologystudy of development of character
Chemistrystudy of properties and behaviours of substances
Chionologystudy of snow
Chirographystudy of handwriting or penmanship
Chirologystudy of the hands
Chiropodystudy of feet
Chorologystudy of the geographic description of anything
Chrematisticsstudy of wealth; political economy
Chronobiologystudy of biological rhythms
Chrysologystudy of precious metals
Classical mechanicsstudy of motion of macroscopic objects
Climatologystudy of climate
Clinologystudy of aging or individual decline after maturity
Codicologystudy of manuscripts
Coleopterologystudy of beetles and weevils
Cometologystudy of comets
Computer sciencestudy of processes that interact with data
Conchologystudy of shells
Connectomicsstudy of connectomes
Contact mechanicsstudy of the deformation of solids that touch each other
Coprologystudy of feces
Cosmetologystudy of cosmetics
Cosmochemistrystudy of the chemical composition of matter in the universe and the processes that led to those compositions
Cosmologystudy of the universe
Craniologystudy of the skull
Criminologystudy of crime and criminals
Cryobiologystudy of life under cold conditions
Cryptologystudy of codes
Cryptozoologystudy of animals for whose existence there is no conclusive proof
Ctetologystudy of the inheritance of acquired characteristics
Cyclonologystudy of tropical cyclones, e.g. hurricanes
Cynologystudy of dogs
Cytologystudy of living cells

D - Ologies list - branches of science starting with D

Dactyliologystudy of rings
Dactylographystudy of fingerprints
Dactylologystudy of sign language
Deltiologystudy of picture postcards
Demographystudy of population
Demologystudy of human behaviour
Dendrochronologystudy of tree rings
Dendrologystudy of trees
Deontologystudy of moral obligation
Dermatoglyphicsstudy of skin patterns and fingerprints
Dermatologystudy of skin
Desmologystudy of ligaments
Diabologystudy of devils
Dialectologystudy of dialects
Dieteticsstudy of prevention of health conditions and diseases through human nutrition and regulation of diet
Dioptricsstudy of light refraction
Diplomaticsstudy of deciphering ancient writings and texts
Diplomatologystudy of diplomats
Docimologystudy of assaying
Dosiologystudy of doses
Dynamicsstudy of forces and their effects on motion
Dysgenicsstudy of racial degeneration

E - Ologies list - branches of science starting with E

Ecclesiologystudy of church affairs
Eccrinologystudy of excretion
Ecologystudy of environment
Economicsstudy of material wealth (production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services)
Edaphologystudy of soils
Egyptologystudy of ancient Egypt
Eidologystudy of mental imagery
Ekisticsstudy of human settlement
Electrochemistrystudy of relations between electricity and chemicals
Electrodynamicsstudy of the effects arising from the interactions of electric currents with magnets, with other currents, or with themselves
Electrologystudy of electricity
Electromagnetismstudy of electromagnetic force
Electrostaticsstudy of static electricity
Embryologystudy of embryos
Emetologystudy of vomiting
Emmenologystudy of menstruation
Endemiologystudy of local diseases
Endocrinologystudy of glands
Energeticsstudy of energy under transformation within various fields
Engineering studiesstudy of engineering
Enigmatologystudy of enigmas (puzzles)
Entomologystudy of insects
Entozoologystudy of parasites that live inside larger organisms
Enzymologystudy of enzymes
Ephebiatricsstudy of adolescence
Epidemiologystudy of diseases and epidemics
Epileptologystudy of epilepsy
Epistemologystudy of grounds of knowledge
Eremologystudy of deserts
Ergologystudy of effects of work on humans
Ergonomicsstudy of people at work
Escapologystudy of freeing oneself from constraints
Eschatologystudy of death; final matters
Ethnobiologystudy of dynamic relationships between peoples
Ethnobotanystudy of a region's plants and their practical uses through the traditional knowledge of a local culture and people
Ethnochoreologystudy of dances and its implication in culture
Ethnogenystudy of origins of races or ethnic groups
Ethnologystudy of cultures
Ethnomethodologystudy of everyday communication and social interaction
Ethnomusicologystudy of comparative musical systems
Ethologystudy of natural or biological character
Ethonomicsstudy of economic and ethical principles of a society
Etiologystudy of causes, especially of disease
Etymologystudy of origins of words
Euthenicsstudy of improving living conditions
Exobiologystudy of extraterrestrial life
Exoplanetologystudy of exoplanets

F - Ologies list - branches of science starting with F

Felinologystudy of felines
Financestudy of money management
Floristrystudy of cultivating and selling flowers
Fluid dynamicsstudy of flow of fluids
Fluid mechanicsstudy of fluids behaviour at rest and in motion
Fluid staticsstudy of fluids behaviour at rest
Fluviologystudy of watercourses
Folkloristicsstudy of folklore and fables
Forestrystudy of the creation, management, use, conservation, and repair of forests and associated resources
Fracture mechanicsstudy of the propagation of cracks in materials
Futurologystudy of future

G - Ologies list - branches of science starting with G

Garbologystudy of garbage
Gastroenterologystudy of the digestive system
Gastronomystudy of fine dining
Gemmologystudy of gems and jewels
Gender Studiesstudy of gender
Genealogystudy of descent of families
Genesiologystudy of reproduction and heredity
Geneticsstudy of genes
Geochemistrystudy of chemistry of the earth's crust
Geochronologystudy of measuring geological time
Geographystudy of surface of the earth and its inhabitants
Geologystudy of the rocks of a planet
Geomorphogenystudy of the origins of land forms
Geoponicsstudy of agriculture
Geotechnicsstudy of increasing habitability of the earth
Geratologystudy of decadence and decay
Gerocomystudy of old age
Gerontologystudy of the elderly and aging
Gigantologystudy of giants
Glaciologystudy of ice ages and glaciation
Glossologystudy of language; study of the tongue
Glyptologystudy of gem engravings
Gnosiologystudy of knowledge; philosophy of knowledge
Gnotobiologystudy of life in germ-free conditions
Graminologystudy of grasses
Grammatologystudy of systems of writing
Graphemicsstudy of systems of representing speech in writing
Graphologystudy of handwriting
Gromaticsstudy of surveying
Gynaecologystudy of women's physiology
Gyrostaticsstudy of rotating bodies

H - Ologies list - branches of science starting with H

Haemataulicsstudy of movement of blood through blood vessels
Hagiologystudy of saints
Halieuticsstudy of fishing
Hamartiologystudy of sin
Harmonicsstudy of musical acoustics
Hedonicsstudy of pleasure
Helcologystudy of ulcers
Heliologystudy of the sun
Helioseismologystudy of sun's interior by observing its surface oscillations
Helminthologystudy of worms
Hematologystudy of blood
Hemodynamicsstudy of the dynamics behind blood circulation
Hepatologystudy of liver, gallbladder, biliary tree, and pancreas
Hereditystudy of passing of traits from parents to offspring
Heresiologystudy of heresies
Hermeologystudy of Mercury
Herpetologystudy of reptiles and amphibians
Hierologystudy of sacred matters
Hippiatricsstudy of diseases of horses
Hippologystudy of horses
Histologystudy of the tissues of organisms
Histopathologystudy of changes in tissue due to disease
Historiographystudy of writing history
Historiologystudy of history
Hoplologystudy of human combative behavior and performance
Horologystudy of time measurement
Horticulturestudy of gardening
Hydrobiologystudy of aquatic organisms
Hydrodynamicsstudy of movement in liquids
Hydrogeologystudy of ground water
Hydrographystudy of investigating bodies of water
Hydrokineticsstudy of motion of fluids
Hydrologystudy of water resources
Hydrometeorologystudy of atmospheric moisture
Hydropathystudy of treating diseases with water
Hydrostaticsstudy of fluids behaviour at rest
Hyetologystudy of rainfall
Hygiasticsstudy of health and hygiene
Hygienicsstudy of sanitation; health
Hygiologystudy of cleanliness
Hygrometrystudy of humidity
Hygroscopystudy of humidity
Hymnographystudy of writing hymns
Hymnologystudy of hymns
Hypnologystudy of sleep; study of hypnosis
Hypsographystudy of measuring heights

I - Ologies list - branches of science starting with I

Iamatologystudy of remedies
Iatrologystudy of medicine, treatise or text on medical topics
Ichnologystudy of fossilized footprints
Ichthyologystudy of fish
Iconographystudy of drawing symbols
Iconologystudy of icons; symbols
Ideogenystudy of origins of ideas
Ideologystudy of ideas
Idiomologystudy of idiom, jargon or dialect
Idiopsychologystudy of the psychology of one's own mind
Immunogeneticsstudy of genetic characteristics of immunity
Immunologystudy of immunity
Immunopathologystudy of immunity to disease
Insectologystudy of insects
Irenologystudy of peace
Iridologystudy of the iris; diagnosis of disease based on the iris of the eye

K - Ologies list - branches of science starting with K

Kalologystudy of beauty
Karyologystudy of cell nuclei
Keratnologystudy of nails and hair
Kinematicsstudy of motion
Kinesicsstudy of gestural communication
Kinesiologystudy of human movement and posture
Kineticsstudy of forces producing or changing motion
Koniologystudy of atmospheric pollutants and dust
Ktenologystudy of putting people to death
Kymatologystudy of wave motion

L - Ologies list - branches of science starting with L

Larithmicsstudy of population statistics
Laryngologystudy of larynx
Lepidopterologystudy of butterflies and moths
Leprologystudy of leprosy
Lexicologystudy of words and their meanings
Lichenologystudy of lichens
Limacologystudy of slugs
Limnobiologystudy of freshwater ecosystems
Limnologystudy of bodies of fresh water
Linguisticsstudy of language
Liturgiologystudy of liturgical forms and church rituals
Loimologystudy of plagues and epidemics
Loxodromystudy of sailing along rhumb-lines
Ludologystudy of games

M - Ologies list - branches of science starting with M

Magneticsstudy of magnetism
Magnetohydrodynamicsstudy of electrically conducting fluids
Magnetostaticsstudy of magnetic fields in systems where the currents are steady
Malacologystudy of molluscs
Malariologystudy of malaria
Mammalogystudy of mammals
Marine biologystudy of the ocean's ecosystem
Mariologystudy of the Virgin Mary
Mastologystudy of mammals
Mathematicsstudy of magnitude, number, and forms
Mazologystudy of mammals
Mechanicsstudy of action of force on bodies
Meconologystudy of or treatise concerning opium
Media studiesstudy of mass media
Medicinestudy of diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of disease
Melissopalynologystudy of honey
Melittologystudy of bees
Melologystudy of music; musicology
Mereologystudy of part-whole relationships
Mesologystudy of the mutual relationships between living creatures and their biological, social, and environmental surroundings
Metallogenystudy of the origin and distribution of metal deposits
Metallographystudy of the structure and constitution of metals
Metallurgystudy of alloying and treating metals
Metaphysicsstudy of principles of nature and thought
Metapoliticsstudy of politics in theory or abstract
Metapsychologystudy of nature of the mind
Metasciencestudy of science
Meteoriticsstudy of meteors
Meteorologystudy of weather
Methodologystudy or description of methods
Methyologystudy of alcohol
Metricsstudy of versification
Metrologystudy of weights and measures
Microanatomystudy of microscopic tissues
Microbial ecologystudy of microbial environment
Microbiologystudy of microscopic organisms
Microclimatologystudy of local climates
Micrologystudy of trivialities
Micropalaeontologystudy of microscopic fossils
Microphytologystudy of very small plant life
Microscopystudy of minute objects
Mineralogystudy of minerals
Molecular biologystudy of the molecular basis of biological activity in and between cells
Molinologystudy of mills and milling
Momilogystudy of mummies
Morphologystudy of forms and the development of structures
Muscologystudy of mosses
Museologystudy of museums
Musicologystudy of music
Mycologystudy of funguses
Myologystudy of muscles
Myrmecologystudy of ants
Mythologystudy of myths; fables; tales

N - Ologies list - branches of science starting with N

Nanotechnologystudy of nanite
Naologystudy of church or temple architecture
Nasologystudy of the nose
Necroplanetologystudy of the destruction of planets
Nematologystudy of nematodes
Neonatologystudy of newborn babies
Neossologystudy of nestling birds
Nephologystudy of clouds
Nephrologystudy of the kidneys
Neurobiologystudy of anatomy of the nervous system
Neuroeconomicsstudy of human decision making and the ability to process multiple alternatives and to choose an optimal course of action
Neurologystudy of nervous system
Neuropsychologystudy of relation between brain and behaviour
Neurypnologystudy of hypnotism
Neutrosophystudy of the origin and nature of philosophical neutralities
Nomologystudy of the laws; especially of the mind
Noologystudy of the intellect
Nosologystudy of diseases
Nostologystudy of senility
Numerologystudy of numbers
Numismaticsstudy of coins
Nymphologystudy of nymphs

O - Ologies list - branches of science starting with O

Obstetricsstudy of midwifery
Oceanographystudy of oceans
Oceanologystudy of oceans
Odonatologystudy of dragonflies and damselflies
Odontologystudy of teeth
Oenologystudy of wines
Oikologystudy of housekeeping
Olfactologystudy of the sense of smell
Ombrologystudy of rain
Oncologystudy of tumours
Oneirologystudy of dreams
Onomasiologystudy of nomenclature
Onomasticsstudy of proper names
Ontologystudy of pure being; the nature of things
Oologystudy of eggs
Ophiologystudy of snakes
Ophthalmologystudy of eye diseases
Opticsstudy of light
Optologystudy of sight
Orchidologystudy of orchids
Organology (biology)study of form, structure, development, and functions of plant or animal organs
Organology (musicology)study of musical instruments in relation to history, culture, construction, acoustic properties and classification
Ornithologystudy of birds
Orologystudy of mountains
Orthoepystudy of correct pronunciation
Orthographystudy of spelling
Orthopterologystudy of cockroaches
Oryctologystudy of fossils , minerals , and rocks
Osmicsstudy of smells
Osmologystudy of smells and olfactory processes
Osphresiologystudy of the sense of smell
Osteologystudy of bones
Otologystudy of the ear
Otorhinolaryngologystudy of ear, nose and throat

P - Ologies list - branches of science starting with P

Paedologystudy of children
Paidonosologystudy of children's diseases; pediatrics
Palaeoanthropologystudy of early humans
Palaeobiologystudy of fossil plants and animals
Palaeoclimatologystudy of ancient climates
Palaeoichthyologystudy of ancient fish
Palaeolimnologystudy of ancient lakes
Palaeontologystudy of fossils
Palaeopedologystudy of early soils
Paleobotanystudy of ancient plants
Paleo-osteologystudy of ancient bones
Palynologystudy of pollen
Papyrologystudy of paper
Paradoxologystudy of paradoxes
Parapsychologystudy of unexplained mental phenomena
Parasitologystudy of parasites
Paroemiologystudy of proverbs
Parthenologystudy of virgins
Pataphysicsstudy of imaginary solutions
Pathologystudy of disease
Patrologystudy of early Christianity
Pedagogicsstudy of teaching
Pedologystudy of soils
Pelologystudy of mud
Penologystudy of crime and punishment
Periodonticsstudy of gums
Pestologyscience of pests
Petrologystudy of rocks
Pharmacognosystudy of drugs of animal and plant origin
Pharmacologystudy of drugs
Pharologystudy of lighthouses
Pharyngologystudy of the throat
Phenologystudy of organisms as affected by climate
Phenomenologystudy of phenomena
Philematologystudy of kissing
Philologystudy of ancient texts; historical linguistics
Philosophystudy of knowledge or wisdom
Phoniatricsstudy and treatment of organs involved in speech production
Phonologystudy of speech sounds
Photobiologystudy of effects of light on organisms
Photonicsstudy of photons
Phraseologystudy of phrases
Phrenologystudy of bumps on the head
Phycologystudy of algae and seaweeds
Physicsstudy of properties of matter, force and energy
Physiologystudy of processes of life
Phytologystudy of plants
Piscatologystudy of fishes
Pisteologystudy of faith
Planetologystudy of planets
Plumologystudy of feathers
Plutologystudy of wealth
Pneumaticsstudy of mechanics of gases
Pneumonologystudy of diseases involving the respiratory tract
Podiatrystudy of disorders of the foot; chiropody
Podologystudy of the feet
Pogonologystudy of beards
Polemologystudy of war
Pomologystudy of fruit-growing
Posologystudy of quantity or dosage
Potamologystudy of rivers
Praxeologystudy of practical or efficient activity; science of efficient action
Primatologystudy of primates
Proctologystudy of rectum, anus, and colon
Prosodystudy of versification
Protistologystudy of protists
Proxemicsstudy of man's need for personal space
Psephologystudy of election results and voting trends
Pseudologystudy of lying
Pseudopticsstudy of optical illusions
Psychobiologystudy of biology of the mind
Psychogeneticsstudy of internal or mental states
Psychognosystudy of mentality, personality or character
Psychologystudy of mind
Psychopathologystudy of mental illness
Psychophysicsstudy of link between mental and physical processes
Pteridologystudy of ferns
Pterylologystudy of distribution of feathers on birds
Punnologystudy of puns
Pyretologystudy of fevers
Pyrgologystudy of towers
Pyroballogystudy of artillery
Pyrographystudy of woodburning
Pyrotechnicsstudy of combustion through fire or explosions

Q - Ologies list - branches of science starting with Q

Quinologystudy of quinine.

R - Ologies list - branches of science starting with R

Raciologystudy of racial differences
Radiobiologystudy of the scientific principles, mechanisms, and effects of the interaction of ionizing radiation with living matter
Radiochemistrystudy of ordinary chemical reactions under radioactive circumstances
Radiologystudy of X-rays and their medical applications
Reflexologystudy of reflexes
Rheologystudy of the deformation or flow of matter
Rheumatologystudy of rheumatism
Rhinologystudy of the nose
Rhochrematicsstudy of inventory management and the movement of products
Roboticsstudy of robots
Runologystudy of runes

S - Ologies list - branches of science starting with S

Sarcologystudy of fleshy parts of the body
Satanologystudy of the devil
Scatologystudy of excrement or obscene literature
Sedimentologystudy of sediment
Seismologystudy of earthquakes
Selenodesystudy of the shape and features of the moon
Selenologystudy of the moon
Semanticsstudy of meaning
Semantologystudy of meanings of words
Semasiologystudy of meaning; semantics
Semiologystudy of signs and signals
Semioticsstudy of signs and symbols
Serologystudy of serums
Sexologystudy of sexual behaviour
Siderologystudy of iron and its alloys, including steel
Silvologystudy of forests and woodlands
Sindonologystudy of the shroud of Turin
Sinologystudy of China
Sitologystudy of dietetics
Sociobiologystudy of biological basis of human behaviour
Sociologystudy of society
Solid mechanicsstudy of behaviour of solid materials
Somatologystudy of substances
Sophiologystudy of ideas
Soteriologystudy of theological salvation
Spectrologystudy of ghosts
Spectroscopystudy of spectra
Speleologystudy and exploration of caves
Spermologystudy of seeds
Sphagnologystudy of peat moss
Sphygmologystudy of the pulse
Splanchnologystudy of the entrails or viscera
Spongologystudy of sponges
Stasiologystudy of political parties
Staticsstudy of bodies and forces in equilibrium
Stellar astronomystudy of stars, their origins, and their evolution.
Stemmatologystudy of relationships between text
Stoichiologystudy of elements of animal tissues
Stomatologystudy of the mouth
Storiologystudy of folk tales
Stratigraphystudy of geological layers or strata
Stylometrystudy of literature by means of statistical analysis
Suicidologystudy of suicide
Supramolecular chemistrystudy of the chemistry of assembled molecular sub-units
Symbologystudy of symbols
Symptomatologystudy of symptoms of illness
Synecologystudy of ecological communities
Synecticsstudy of processes of invention
Syntaxstudy of sentence structure
Syphilologystudy of syphilis
Systematicsstudy of the diversification of living forms, both past and present
Systematologystudy of systems

T - Ologies list - branches of science starting with T

Taxonomystudy of plant, animals and microorganisms classification
Tectonicsstudy of structure of objects, buildings and landforms
Tegestologystudy and collecting of beer mats
Teleologystudy of final causes; analysis in terms of purpose
Telmatologystudy of swamps
Tempestologystudy of tropical cyclones, e.g. hurricanes
Teratologystudy of birth defects and later abnormalities in living organisms
Terrestrial ecologystudy of terrestrial environment
Teuthologystudy of cephalopods
Textologystudy of the production of texts
Thalassographystudy of seas and gulfs
Thanatologystudy of death and its customs
Thaumatologystudy of miracles
Theriatricsstudy of veterinary medicine
Theriogenologystudy of animals' reproductive systems
Thermodynamicsstudy of relation of heat to motion
Thermokinematicsstudy of motion of heat
Thermologystudy of heat
Therologystudy of wild mammals
Thremmatologystudy of breeding domestic animals and plants
Threpsologystudy of nutrition
Tidologystudy of tides
Timbrologystudy of postage stamps
Tocologystudy of midwifery
Tokologystudy of childbirth
Toneticsstudy of pronunciation
Topographystudy of the shape and features of land surfaces
Topologystudy of places and their natural features
Toponymicsstudy of place-names
Toreuticsstudy of artistic work in metal
Toxicologystudy of poisons
Traumatologystudy of wounds and their effects
Tribologystudy of friction and wear between surfaces
Trichologystudy of hair and its disorders
Trophologystudy of nutrition
Tsiganologystudy of gypsies
Turbologystudy of tornadoes
Typhlologystudy of blindness and the blind
Typologystudy of types of things

U - Ologies list - branches of science starting with U

Uranologystudy of the heavens; astronomy
Urbanologystudy of cities
Urenologystudy of rust molds
Urologystudy of urine and the urinary tract

V - Ologies list - branches of science starting with V

Venereologystudy of venereal disease
Vexillologystudy of flags
Victimologystudy of victims
Vinologystudy of vines and winemaking
Virologystudy of viruses
Vitricsstudy of glassware
Volcanologystudy of volcanoes

X - Ologies list - branches of science starting with X

Xylologystudy of wood

Z - Ologies list - branches of science starting with Z

Zenographystudy of the planet Jupiter
Zooarchaeologystudy of animal remains of archaeological sites
Zoochemistrystudy of chemistry of animals
Zoogeographystudy of geographic distribution of animals
Zoogeologystudy of fossil animal remains
Zoologystudy of animals
Zoonomystudy of animal physiology
Zoonosologystudy of animal diseases
Zoopathologystudy of animal diseases
Zoophysicsstudy of physics of animal bodies
Zoophysiologystudy of physiology of animals
Zoophytologystudy of plant-like animals
Zoosemioticsstudy of animal communication
Zootaxystudy of classification of animals
Zootechnicsstudy of breeding animals
Zygologystudy of joining and fastening
Zymologystudy of fermentation
Zymurgystudy of brewing and distilling
Zythologystudy of beer
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