F (volume 7)

F, f(noun) 1 the sixth letter of the alphabet. 2 (mus) the fourth note of the scale of C major.
fable(noun) a short story, usually about animals who talk and behave like humans, meant to teach people to do what is right (Aesop’s fable about the fox and the grapes).
fabric(noun) 1 the framework of a building (the fabric of the building is crumbling). 2 manufactured cloth (a woolen fabric).
fabricate(verb) 1 to make or build, to manufacture. 2 to make up or invent (fabricating an excuse). n fabrication .
fabulous(adjective) 1 (fml) existing only in fable or legend (the dragon is a fabulous animal). 2 (inf) wonderful, marvelous, very good (a fabulous dress/a fabulous performance).
facade(noun) 1 the front of a building. 2 outer appearance (frightened in spite of a brave facade).
face(noun) 1 the front part of the head, from forehead to chin (a beautiful face). 2 the front part of anything (break the face of his watch). vb 1 to stand looking toward, to turn toward (a house facing south). 2 to meet or encounter boldly (face the enemy/face his problems). 3 to cover with a surface of different material (face the wall with plaster).
facet(noun) 1 one of many small sides, as of a diamond. 2 an aspect (a humorous facet to the situation).
facial(adjective) having to do with the face (facial hair). n a treatment to improve the appearance of the skin on the face.
facile(adjective) 1 done with ease, often done too easily (a facile victory). 2 without depth, not sincere (a facile remark).
facilitate(verb) to make easy (facilitating the bill’s progress through Congress). n facilitation .
facility(noun) 1 (fml) ease, skill (perform the tasks with facility). 2 pl the means or conditions for doing something easily.
facsimile(noun) 1 an exact copy (a facsimile of the legal document). 2 an image produced by facsimile transmission (also fax). facsimile transmission a system of sending written, printed, or pictorial documents over a telephone line by scanning it and then reproducing the image in a different location.
fact(noun) 1 something known to be true or to have happened (geographical facts about the country). 2 truth (it is a fact that the earth is round). 3 a deed, an event (after the fact).
factor(noun) 1 a cause, element (one of the factors in his lack of success). 2 a number that divides exactly into another number. 3 a person who does business for another, someone who manages another’s land (the estate’s factor).
factory(noun) a building where large quantities of goods are made (a car factory).
factual(adjective) having to do with facts (a factual, rather than fictional, account of the war).
faculty(noun) 1 a special ability (a faculty for putting people at their ease). 2 the power to do something (the faculty of speech). 3 all the teachers of a school, college, or university or of a school’s departments (the science faculty).
facultyCollective noun for academics (A faculty of academics) (see list of collective nouns)
fad(noun) a craze, a short-lived fashion (bell-bottom jeans were a fad in the 1960s).
fade(verb) 1 to wither. 2 to lose color. 3 to disappear gradually (hopes fading).
fagotCollective noun for firewood (A fagot of firewood) (see list of collective nouns)
fagotCollective noun for sticks (A fagot of sticks) (see list of collective nouns)
Fahrenheit(adjective) of a scale of temperature in which the freezing point of water is 32º and the boiling point is 212º, named for a German physicist.
fail(verb) 1 not to succeed (fail his driving test/fail in his attempt at the record). 2 to break down (a car engine that failed). 3 to disappoint (feel that she failed her mother). 4 to owe so much money that debts cannot be paid (a company that is bound to fail).
failing(noun) a fault, a weakness (laziness is his major failing).
failure(noun) 1 lack of success (disappointed at their failure in the tournament). 2 a person who has not succeeded (he regards himself as a failure). 3 a breakdown (engine failure).
fain(adjective) (old or lit) glad. adv gladly.
faint(verb) to become weak, to fall down unconscious (faint from lack of food). n act of falling down unconscious. adj 1 weak, dizzy. 2 lacking clearness or brightness (writing grown faint over the years). 3 slight (chances of winning are now faint).
fair1(adjective) 1 light in color, having light-colored hair or skin (one daughter is fair and the other dark). 3 quite good (a fair piece of work). 3 just (a fair sentence given by the judge). 4 (of weather) not rainy (hope the weather will be fair for the picnic). 5 (old or lit) attractive (a fair young maiden).
fair2(noun) 1 a market or sale, often with shows and amusements. 2 a trade exhibition (a book fair).
fairly(adverb) somewhat (fairly sure that he is at work this morning/do fairly well).
fairway(noun) 1 the deep part of a river where ships usually sail. 2 the part of a golf course where the grass is cut short.
fairy(noun) an imaginary small being, supposed to have magic powers.
fairy tale(noun) a story about fairies, giants, magic deeds, etc.
faith(noun) 1 belief, especially in God. 2 trust, being sure of something (have faith in her ability). 3 religion (Christianity and other faiths). 4 a person’s word of honor, loyalty (keep faith with his friends).
faithCollective noun for merchants (A faith of merchants) (see list of collective nouns)
faithful(adjective) 1 true to one’s friends or one’s promises (the king’s faithful followers). 2 loyal to one’s marriage vows (a faithful wife). 3 true to the facts or an original (a faithful account of the situation/a faithful copy).
faithless(adjective) (fml) 1 disloyal, dishonest (faithless friends). 2 unreliable.
fajita(noun) grilled chicken or beef wrapped in a soft tortilla with vegetables and sauce.
fake(noun) someone or something that deceives by looking other than he, she, or it is (that painting is not an original Picasso—it’s a fake). vb 1 to change something so that it falsely appears better, more valuable, etc (faking the test results). 2 to copy something so as to deceive (faked the man’s signature). 3 (inf) to pretend (fake illness to stay home from school).
falafel(noun) a small patty of ground chickpeas, other vegetables, and spices that is deep-fried.
falcon(noun) a bird of prey trained to hunt smaller birds.
falconry(noun) 1 the art of training falcons to hunt game. 2 the sport of hunting with falcons.
fall(verb) (pt fell , pp fallen ) 1 to drop down (trip over a stone and fall). 2 to become less or lower (prices falling). 3 to hang down (hair falling to her waist). 4 to happen or occur (the holiday falls on a Sunday). 5 to enter into a certain state or condition (fall asleep/fall silent). 6 to be taken by an enemy (Rome fell to the enemy). 7 to be killed in battle (soldiers who fell in the war). n 1 a drop or descent (injured in a fall from the cliff). 2 a lessening or lowering (a fall in the birth rate). 3 loss of power (the government’s fall). 4 a waterfall. 5 autumn. fall back to go back. fall on or upon to attack. fall out (inf) to quarrel. fall through to fail (plans falling through).
fallCollective noun for lambs (A fall of lambs) (see list of collective nouns)
fallCollective noun for woodcocks (A fall of woodcocks) (see list of collective nouns)
fallacy(noun) a wrong idea or belief, usually one that is generally believed to be true; false reasoning (it is a fallacy that more expensive things are always of better quality). adj fallacious .
fallible(adjective) (fml) able to make mistakes (all humans are fallible). n fallibility .
fallingCollective noun for dominoes (A falling of dominoes) (see list of collective nouns)
fallout(noun) 1 particles of radioactive dust that are in the air and fall to the ground after a atomic explosion. 2 (inf) side effects. vb to quarrel, disagree.
fallow(adjective) ploughed but left unplanted for a season or more to kill weeds, make soil richer, etc (fields lying fallow). Also n.
false 1(adjective) 1 not true (a false account of what happened). 2 disloyal (false friends). 3 not real, fake (a false beard). n falseness , falsity .
falsehood(noun) (fml) a lie (tell falsehoods).
falter(verb) 1 to speak or say in an uncertain or hesitant way (“I didn’t know what to say,” she faltered/falter out a few words of apology). 2 to stumble (he faltered as he went down the slippery steps).
fame(noun) the state of being well known (prefers personal happiness to fame).
famed(adjective) (fml) well known (famed for her cooking).
familiar(adjective) 1 well known because often seen (a familiar figure in the town). 2 having good knowledge of (familiar with the layout of the town). 3 too friendly, disrespectful (object to his talking to her in such a familiar way). n 1 a close friend. 2 in folklore, an evil spirit constantly with someone and usually dwelling within an animal. n familiarity .
familiarize(verb), also familiarise (Br) to make used to (familiarizing himself with the rules of the game).
family(noun) 1 a household, parents and children. 2 one’s children (a couple with no family). 3 people descended from the same ancestors. 4 a group of things in some way related to each other (e.g. races, animals, etc).
familyCollective noun for sardines (A family of sardines) (see list of collective nouns)
family tree(noun) a chart that shows the members of a family, their ancestors, and their relationship to each other.
famine(noun) a shortage of food (people starving during the famine).
famish(verb) to be famished (inf) to be very hungry.
famous(adjective) well known to all (famous actora famous painting).
fan belt(noun) a tough, thin belt on most car engines.
fan1(noun) an instrument or machine that causes a current of air (use an electric fan in hot weather). vb (fanned , fanning ) to move the air with a fan. fan out to spread out over a wider front (police fanning out over the fields to look for evidence).
fan2(noun) a follower or supporter (football fans).
fanatic(noun) someone who holds a belief, especially a religious or political belief, so strongly that he or she can neither discuss it reasonably nor think well of those who disagree with it (a health food fanatic). n fanaticism .
fanatical(adjective) having the views of a fanatic (fanatical about cleanliness).
fanciful(adjective) 1 imaginative, inclined to have strange, unreal ideas (a fanciful child). 2 imaginary, unreal (fanciful ideas).
fancy(noun) 1 (fml) the imagination (poets relying on fancy). 2 a false idea or belief, something imagined (just an old person’s fancy). 3 a sudden desire (a pregnant woman with a fancy for oranges). 4 a liking for, often a romantic one (a fancy for the girl next door). adj not plain, ornamented. vb 1 (fml) to imagine (he fancied that he saw a ghost). 2 (inf) to like (fancying a drink). 3 to be romantically or sexually attracted to (Robert fancies Susan).
fanfare(noun) the sounding of many trumpets in greeting (a fanfare introducing the queen).
fang(noun) 1 a long, pointed tooth (the fangs of the wolf). 2 the tooth of a snake that is used to inject venom, or poison, into its prey.
fantail(noun) 1 a part, tail, or end that is spread out like a fan. 2 any of several kinds of birds with a very broad tail.
fantasia(noun) a light or fanciful piece of music.
fantastic(adjective) 1 strange or weird (amazed by her fantastic design). 2 created in the mind, fanciful, unrealistic (fantastic hopes of wealth). 3 (inf) very large (a fantastic sum of money). 4 (inf) very good, excellent (a fantastic performance).
fantasy(noun) 1 an unusual or far-fetched idea, a dream (have fantasies about lying on a sun-drenched beach). 2 a story with highly imaginative characters or settings that are not part of the real world (he read a fantasy that had unicorns and dragons in it).
far(adjective) distant (far places). adv at a distance in time, space, or degree (to travel far).
faraway(adjective) 1 distant in time, space, or degree. 2 dreamy, distracted (a faraway look).
farce(noun) 1 a stage play intended only to arouse laughter. 2 a laughable or senseless, unreasonable situation (the trial was a farce—they had already decided he was guilty).
farcical(adjective) laughable, senseless, unreasonable.
fare(verb) (fml or old) to be or do (ill or well) (he fared well on his travels). n 1 food. 2 the cost of a travel ticket (unable to afford the train fare). 3 a passenger on a bus or in a taxi (taxi drivers picking up fares).
farewell(interjective) goodbye.
farfel(noun) noodle dough formed into small grains.
far-fetched(adjective) so unlikely as to be almost impossible (far-fetched stories of his adventures).
farina(noun) a hot cereal made from wheat, potatoes, nuts, etc.
farm(noun) an area of land prepared for crops andfor-mer/. farm out to give out to be done by others (farm out work).
farmstead(noun) the buildings on a farm.
farrow(noun) a litter of baby pigs.
farseeing(adjective) wise, having shown good judgment.
farsighted(adjective) 1 having better vision for distant objects than for near ones. 2 see farseeing.
farther(adjective) 1 at or to a greater distance. 2 additional.
fascinate(verb) to attract or interest very strongly, to charm (she was fascinated by his travel stories). n fascination .
fascism(noun) a political movement based on one personor racist views. n and adj fascist .
fashion(noun) 1 the way in which a thing is done or made (paint after the fashion of van Gogh). 2 the kinds of clothes and other things popular at a certain time (1920s fashion). vb to shape, to make (fashion a figure out of clay).
fashionable(adjective) 1 following a style that is currently popular (fashionable clothes/fashionable furniture). 2 used or visited by people following a current fashion (a fashionable hotel).
fast lane(noun) a lane on a highway for moving at a higher speed or for overtaking other automobiles.
fast track(noun) a career path offering rapid advancement.
fast1(verb) to do without food, especially for religious reasons (Muslims fasting during Ramadan/patients fasting before being operated on). n act or time of fasting.
fast2(adjective) 1 firm, fixed (make fast the rope). 2 quick, swift (at a fast pace). adv 1 firmly (made fast). 2 quickly (run fast). 3 (old) near.
fasten(verb) 1 to fix firmly (fasten the gate). 2 to fix to (fasten a brooch to her dress).
fastener(noun) 1 a device that joins together or fixes one thing to another (a zip fastener). 2 someone who fastens.
fastening(noun) something that fastens such as a clasp.
fast-food(noun) hot food that is prepared and served very quickly, often taken away to be eaten (fast-food such as hamburgers and French fries).
fastidious(adjective) hard to please (fastidious about what she eats). n fastidiousness .
fastness(noun) 1 the quality of being fast or quick. 2 a fort, a stronghold.
fat(adjective) well fed, fleshy. n 1 an oily substance in animal bodies (cut the fat off the meat). 2 this substance, or the oily substance found in some plants, when in solid or almost solid form, used as a food or in cooking (fry the chicken in vegetable fat).
fatal(adjective) 1 causing death (a fatal accident). 2 bringing danger or ruin, or having unpleasant results.
fatality(noun) 1 death caused by accident, war, etc (a bomb attack resulting in several fatalities). 2 (fml) deadliness (the fatality of certain diseases).
fate(noun) 1 a power that is supposed to decide future events before they happen (decide to take no action and leave it up to fate). 2 what will happen to someone in the future (a judge deciding the accused person’s fate).
fateful(adjective) important for one’s future (a fateful decision).
father(noun) 1 a male parent. 2 a person who begins, invents, or first makes something (the founding fathers of the United States). 3 a priest. vb 1 to be the father of (father several children). 2 to start an idea or movement (fathered the Scout movement).
fatherhood(noun) the state of being a father.
father-in-law(noun) the father of someone’s spouse.
fathom(noun) a measurement of 6 feet or 1.8 meters, especially of the depth of water. vb to understand fully.
fatigue(noun) 1 weariness, great tiredness (suffering from fatigue after climbing the mountain). 2 an unpleasant or tiring job. vb to tire out.
fatten(verb) to make fat (fattening turkeys for Thanksgiving).
fatty(adjective) containing fat.
faucet(noun) a device for regulating the flow of a liquid from a pipe (turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth).
fault(noun) 1 a mistake (the accident was his fault). 2 a weakness in character (his main fault is laziness). 3 an imperfection, something wrong with something (a fault in the machine). 4 a break in the rock of earth’s crust where one side moves against, above, or below the other. adj faulty.
faun(noun) in Roman legend, a minor god, half man and half goat.
fauna(noun) all the animals found in a country or region.
favor(noun), also favour (Br) 1 a feeling of kindness or approval toward (look with favor on the suggestion). 2 an act done out of kindness (do him a favor and give him a ride to work). 3 something (e.g. a flower, rosette, etc) worn as a sign of good will or support (favors worn by the politician’s supporters). vb 1 (fml) to show more kindness to one person than to another (favor his son over his daughter). 2 to prefer (she favors the yellow dress). 3 to give an advantage (the weather favored the other team).
favorable(adjective), also favourable (Br) kindly, helpful (favorable weather conditions).
favorite(noun), also favourite (Br) a person or thing preferred to others (accused of being the teacher’s favorite). Also adj.
favoritism(noun), also favouritism (Br) showing more liking for one person than for others (show favoritism to the youngest of her children).
fawn1(noun) 1 a young deer. 2 a yellowish brown color. adj yellowish brown.
fawn2(verb) to flatter or behave like a servant to gain another’s favor (fawning on his rich uncle). adj fawning .
fax(noun) 1 a machine that sends and receives documents electronically along a telephone line and then prints them out, see facsimile, also called fax machine. 2 a document sent or produced in this way. vb to send by fax machine (fax the exam results).
FBI(abbreviation) for Federal Bureau of Investigation, a US governmental organization that investigates crimes.
fear(noun) dread, terror, anxiety (have a fear of spiders/the noises in the night filled her with fear). Also vb.
fearful(adjective) 1 afraid (fearful of being attacked). 2 terrible (a fearful storm/a fearful sight). 3 (inf) very bad, very great (a fearful liar)
fearless(adjective) unafraid (fearless explorers).
fearsome(adjective) (fml) causing fear (a fearsome sight).
feasible(adjective) possible, able to be done (a feasible planfee-zi-bi-li-tee/.
feast(noun) 1 a meal with plenty of good things to eat and drink. 2 something extremely pleasing (the view was a feast for the eyes). 3 a day or period of time kept in memory, especially in religion, such as in honor of God or a saint. vb 1 to eat well. 2 to provide a good meal for others.
feat(noun) a deed notable for courage, skill, etc.
feather(noun) one of the growths that cover a bird’s body. vb to line or cover with feathers. feather one’s nest to make a profit for oneself by taking advantage of a situation.
feature(noun) 1 an outstanding part of anything (his eyes are his most striking feature). 2 a special long article in a newspaper (a feature on children’s rights). 3 pl the face (have small features). vb to give or have a position, especially an important one (money features largely in his life).
Febriphobiafear of fever (see list of phobias)
February(noun) the second month of the year.
feckless(adjective) 1 helpless (so feckless she can’t boil an egg). 2 careless.
federal(adjective) united under one central government, but keeping local control of certain matters.
federation(noun) 1 a group of states that give up certain powers to a common central government. 2 a joining of certain groups of people.
fee(noun) 1 a payment made for special professional services, a charge or payment (she would have to pay a lawyer’s fee but she felt it would be worth it). 2 money paid for entering or being taught in a school, etc.
feeble(adjective) very weak (the old lady has grown very feeblefee-bl-ness/.
feed(verb) (pt, pp fed ) 1 to give food to (feed the children early). 2 to eat (cats feeding on mice). 3 to provide what is necessary for (feed the furnace/feed the imagination). 4 to put into (feed data into the computer). n food.
feedback(noun) information about how good or bad something or someone has been (feedback about the athlete’s performance).
feel(verb) (pt, pp felt ) 1 to touch (feel the bump on his head). 2 to find out by touching (feel the quality of the cloth). 3 to experience or be aware of (feel a sudden anger/feel the cold). 4 to believe or consider (feel that she is too old). 5 to be moved by, to have pity (feel for the orphaned children). n the sense of touch, a quality as revealed by touch (the smooth feel of silk).
feeler(noun) 1 the thread-like organ of touch on an insect. 2 something said to try to get others to give their opinions (put out feelers to test the market).
feeling(noun) 1 the sense of touch (lose the feeling in the fingers of her right hand). 2 emotion (a feeling of sadness). 3 kindness for others (have no feeling for the orphaned children). 4 an impression or belief (I have a feeling that he is lying). adj able to understand the emotions of others.
feet pl of foot.
feign(verb) to pretend (feign sleep).
feint(noun) a pretended movement (the hockey player made a feint on one side of the goal before landing it in the other side). Also vb.
feisty(adjective) energetic, full of spirit.
feline(adjective) 1 cat-like. 2 of the cat family.
Felinologystudy of felines (see list of branches of science)
Felinophobiafear of cats (see list of phobias)
fell1 pt of fall.
fell2(verb) to cut down, to knock down (felled trees for firewood).
fell3(adjective) (old) cruel, savage, deadly (a fell blow).
fell4(noun) an animal’s hide or skin.
fell5(noun) (Br) a rocky, bare hill; a moor.
fellow(noun) 1 one of a pair (the fellow to a glove). 2 a companion and an equal (school fellows). 3 a member of a learned society or a college. 4 (inf) a man (quite a nice fellow). Also adj.
fellowship(noun) 1 company (seek the fellowship of his co-workers). 2 friendship. 3 an association (a youth fellowship). 4 a grant of money given to someone to enable him or her to do advanced studies.
fellowshipCollective noun for yeomen (A fellowship of yeomen) (see list of collective nouns)
felon(noun) (fml) a criminal (convicted as a felon).
felony(noun) (fml) a serious crime (commit a felony).
felt1(past tense) pp of feel.
felt2(noun) a cloth made of wool, hair and fur being worked together by pressure, heat, etc, instead of by weaving (a felt hat).
female(adjective) 1 consisting of girls or women (the female changing area). 2 of or relating to the sex that produces offspring (our female dog is having puppies soon). Also n.
feminine(adjective) 1 having the qualities considered suitable for a woman (wear feminine clothes). 2 of a woman (a feminine voice).
femininity(noun) the state of being female or womanly (the femininity of her style of decoration).
feminism(noun) the principle that men and women should have equal rights. n feminist .
femur(noun) (fml) the thighbone (break his femur). adj femoral .
fence(noun) 1 a wall made of wood or of wooden posts and wire to enclose a field or other land (a fence made of wire netting). 2 (inf) a receiver of stolen goods (the burglars handed on the stolen jewelry to a fence). vb 1 to put a fence round (fence in the garden). 2 to take part in sword-play. 3 to avoid giving direct answers to questions, especially by quibbling over minor points. sit on the fence to give no decision either way, to be neutral (sit on the fence and not give one’s support to either side).
fencing(noun) 1 the materials for making a fence. 2 sword-play as a sport.
fend(verb) 1 to keep off, to turn aside (fend off blows/fend off attackers). 2 to look after (fend for oneself).
fender(noun) 1 a guard around the fireplace. 2 a pad made of rope, canvas, or wood to protect the side of a ship when at a pier. 3 a guard over the wheels of an automobile positioned so as to block the splashing of water or mud. 4 a metal frame fitted to the front of locomotives to absorb shock, clear the track, etc.
fennel(noun) a sweet-smelling plant used as a herb and vegetable.
ferment(noun) 1 that which causes fermentation. 2 excitement (children in a state of ferment before Christmas). vb 1 to cause or undergo fermentation (ferment alcohol). 2 to excite (ferment trouble among the workers).
fermentation(noun) a chemical change that causes solids to break up and mix and liquids to froth and bubble.
fern(noun) a plant with no flowers and feathery leaves that reproduces by spores.
ferocious(adjective) fierce, cruel, savage (a ferocious dogfe-ros-i-tee/.
ferret(noun) 1 a small weasel-like animal used in hunting rabbits. 2 a rare, black-footed weasel. vb 1 to search busily and persistently (ferreting about in the cupboard). 2 to find something carefully hidden (ferret out her secret diary/ferret out details of her past).
Ferris wheel(noun) a large, upright wheel that rotates and that has seats on it; used as an amusement-park ride.
ferry(verb) 1 to carry over water in a boat or airplane (ferrying passengers to the island). 2 to transport (ferried the children to and from school). n 1 a boat that ferries (the ferry that sank). 2 the place where a ferry crosses.
fertile(adjective) 1 able to produce a lot of, fruitful (fertile land). 2 inventive (a fertile imagination). n fertility .
fertilize(verb), also fertilise (Br) to make fertile or fruitful, to enrich (fertilizing the soil with manure).
fertilizer(noun), also fertiliser (Br) a material mixed into soil to make it more fertile.
fervent(adjective) 1 eager, devoted, sincere (a fervent supporter of the local team). 2 hot, burning, glowing.
fervid(adjective) (fml) hot, glowing (a fervid desire).
fervor(noun), also fervour (Br) strength of feeling (speak with great fervor).
fester(verb) 1 (of a wound) to become full of poisonous matter, to become infected. 2 to give rise to bitter feelings, to become bitter (memories of the insult festering in his mind/resentment festered over the years).
festival(noun) 1 a day or number of days spent in joy, celebrating, etc (a religious festival). 2 a season of plays, films, concerts, etc (a musical festival).
festivalCollective noun for balloons (A festival of balloons) (see list of collective nouns)
festive(adjective) suited to a feast, merry, joyous (a festive occasion).
festivity(noun) joyful celebration, merrymaking (join in the festivities).
festoon(noun) a drooping chain of flowers, ribbons, etc, put up as a decoration; a hanging wreath. vb to decorate with festoons, etc (a room festooned with balloons).
feta(noun) a soft, white cheese first made in Greece.
fetal(adjective), also foetal of or like a baby that has not yet been born.
fetch(verb) 1 to go and bring (fetch water from the well). 2 to be sold for (an old vase fetching $2000).
fetching(adjective) attractive (a fetching red hat).
fetish(noun) 1 an object that is worshipped and believed to have magic power. 2 something regarded with too much attention or respect (make a fetish of cleanliness).
fetus(noun), also foetus an unborn baby.
feud(noun) a lasting quarrel or strife between persons, families, etc (a feud between the families for 200 years).
feudal(adjective) having to do with feudalism.
feudalism(noun) a system in medieval Europe under which people worked and lived on land in exchange for military or other services.
fever(noun) 1 a disease causing great heat in the body (scarlet fever). 2 an abnormally high body temperature (symptoms of flu such as fever and aching limbs). 3 excitement (in a fever of impatience).
feverCollective noun for stingrays (A fever of stingrays) (see list of collective nouns)
fevered , feverish(adjective) 1 hot with fever (the child is feverish). 2 excited (with feverish haste).
few(adjective) not many, a small number of.
fez(noun) a brimless red cap with a black tassel.
fiancé(noun) a man engaged to be married. f fiancée a woman engaged to be married.
fiasco(noun) (pl fiascoes or fiascos) a complete failure, a laughable failure (the show was a complete fiasco).
fib(noun) a not very serious lie or untruth (children scolded for telling fibs). vb (fibbed, fibbing ) to tell untruths. n fibber .
fiber(noun), also fibre (Br) 1 a thread-like part of an animal or plant (cotton fibers/nerve fibers). 2 a material made of fibers (woolen fiber for spinning).
fiberglass(noun) finely spun, cotton-like glass.
Fibriophobiafear of fever (see list of phobias)
Fibriphobiafear of fever (see list of phobias)
fibrous(adjective) like or made of fibers.
fibula(noun) (fml) the outer of the two bones between the knee and the ankle (fracture her fibula).
fickle(adjective) quickly changing, not faithful (a fickle friend). n fickleness .
fiction(noun) 1 a made-up story (the account of the event was a complete fiction). 2 the art of writing stories (works of fiction). 3 novels (publish fiction).
fictitious(adjective) imaginary, invented (fictitious characters/a fictitious town).
fiddle(noun) a violin. vb 1 to play the violin. 2 to play about with (a girl fiddling with her hair). 3 to prepare or alter dishonestly to one’s own advantage (an accountant fiddling the books). n fiddler .
fiddlehead(noun) 1 a carved decoration on a ship’s bow, curved like a violin head. 2 the coiled tip of a young fern often cooked and eaten as a vegetable.
fiddler crab(noun) a small, burrowing crab, the male of which has one claw much bigger than the other.
fiddlesticks(interjective) (old) nonsense.
fidelity(noun) 1 faithfulness, loyalty (rely on his followers’ fidelity). 2 exactness (the fidelity of the translation).
fidget(verb) to move about restlessly (children fidgeting with impatience). Also n.
fidgetCollective noun for suspects (A fidget of suspects) (see list of collective nouns)
field(noun) 1 open country. 2 an enclosed area of ground. 3 a battlefield. 4 a sports ground. field trip a trip away from the classroom to learn something new firsthand. vb 1 to catch and return a ball. 2 to put a team or player in the field for a game. 3 to deal with or handle (to field phone calls).
fieldCollective noun for runners (A field of runners) (see list of collective nouns)
field goal(noun) 1 in football, a goal in which a ball is kicked from the field and scores three points. 2 in basketball, a basket which is scored while the ball is in play, which score two or three points.
field hockey(noun) a team game played on a field in which players use long sticks with a curved, flat bottom to hit a small, hard ball into the other team’s goal.
field trip(noun) a trip away from the classroom to learn something new first hand.
fielder(noun) a baseball player whose position is in the outfield.
fiend(noun) 1 a devil. 2 a very cruel person (the guard in the prison was a real fiend). adj fiendish .
fierce(adjective) wild, angry (a fierce tigera fierce look). n fierceness .
fiery(adjective) 1 having to do with fire. 2 easily angered or excited.
fiesta(noun) a festival or celebration, especially a religious one.
fife(noun) a small flute with six to eight finger holes.
fifth adj 5th, coming after four others. n one of five equal parts.
fiftyn the number 50, coming between forty-nine and fifty-one. adj fiftieth 50th.
fig(noun) 1 a soft fruit with many seeds. 2 the tree bearing such fruit.
fight(verb) (pt, pp fought ) 1 to use force against another (boys fighting). 2 to take part in war or battle (armies fighting). 3 to quarrel, to argue (brother and sister always fighting). 4 to try hard to succeed (fighting for his life). n 1 a struggle in which force is used, a battle. 2 a hard effort (a fight to stay alive).
fightingCollective noun for beggars (A fighting of beggars) (see list of collective nouns)
figure(noun) 1 the shape of the body (have a slim figure). 2 the shape of a person or a thing (see three figures in the distance). 3 lines drawn to show a shape (a six-sided figure). 4 a number. 5 a price (the house will fetch a high figure). 6 a diagram or illustration (number the figures in the book). vb 1 to work out the answer to a sum or problem. 2 to appear (she figures in his account of the event). 3 (inf) to think or consider (I figure he will arrive soon).
figure of speech(noun) the use of words in an unusual meaning or order to express ideas with greater understanding or feeling.
figure skating(noun) ice skating in which the skater makes elaborate figures on the ice and shows his or her ability by balancing and leaping in dance-like ways.
figurehead(noun) 1 a carved figure fixed on the front of a ship (a figurehead in the shape of a woman). 2 a person who has a high position but no real power (the owner is now just a figurehead in the company).
figurine(noun) a small, molded sculpture.
filament(noun) 1 a very thin thread. 2 the thin wire in a light bulb.
fileCollective noun for manicurists (A file of manicurists) (see list of collective nouns)
file1(noun) 1 a number of papers arranged in order (a file relating to the house sale). 2 any device that keeps these papers in order (a cardboard file). 3 in a computer, a collection of related information stored under a particular name. 4 a row of persons, one behind the other (a file of schoolgirls). vb 1 to put in place in a file (file the correspondence). 2 to walk in file (people filing out of church).
file2(noun) a tool with a rough face for smoothing or cutting. vb to smooth or cut away with a file (filing her nails/filed through the metal bars).
filings(noun, plural) the small pieces rubbed off by a file.
fill(verb) 1 to make full (fill the bathtub with hot waterhave one’s fill of his advice).
fillet(noun) 1 a thin strip or band worn around the head to keep the hair in place. 2 a flat, boneless piece of meat or fish (fillet of chicken). vb to take the bones out of and slice.
filling(noun) 1 the act of one that fills. 2 a thing used to fill something else. 3 any of various substances that a dentist puts into a prepared cavity in a tooth.
filly(noun) a young female horse.
film(noun) 1 a thin skin or covering (a film of dust over the furniture). 2 the thin roll of material on which pictures are taken by a camera. 3 a movie (a horror film). vb to take a moving picture.
filter(noun) a strainer; a device through which liquid or air is passed to clean it. vb to clean or separate by passing through a filter (filter the coffee).
filth(noun) 1 dirt (clean the filth from his clothes). 2 anything considered foul, indecent, or offensive.
filthy(adjective) 1 very dirty (filthy clothes after walking through the mud). 2 disgusting, foul.
fin(noun) a small wing-like organ by means of which a fish swims.
final(adjective) 1 last (the final chapter of the book). 2 putting an end to (my final offerfi-na-li-teefi-na-lee/.
finale(noun) the last part of a piece of music, a play, etc (the whole cast took part in the finale).
finalist(noun) a person who takes part in the final round of a contest.
Financestudy of money management (see list of branches of science)
finance(noun) 1 having to do with money (seek a career in finance). 2 pl money resources (keep his finances in order). vb to find or provide the money for (financing his son’s business). adj financial . n financier .
finch(noun) one of many kinds of small singing birds.
find(verb) (pt, pp found ) 1 to come upon what a person is looking for (find the lost ring). 2 to discover (he was too late to find oil). 3 to decide (found the accused guilty). n a valuable discovery.
finding(noun) a decision or opinion reached (the jury’s findings).
fine1(adjective) 1 very thin or small (fine bones). 2 excellent (a fine performance). 3 delicate, beautiful (fine china). 4 bright, sunny (a fine day/fine weather). 5 healthy (ill yesterday but feeling fine today). 6 slight (a fine difference).
fine2(noun) money paid as a punishment. vb to punish by fine (fined for a driving offence).
finesse(noun) great skill and cleverness (handle the situation with great finesse).
finger(noun) one of the five points that extend from the hand or glove. vb to touch with the fingers (finger the piano keys/fingered the material).
fingering(noun) the use of the fingers in playing a musical instrument.
fingernail(noun) the horny substance growing from the end of the finger.
fingerpicking(noun) a style of guitar playing in which the thumb plays the bass notes and the index and middle fingers play the rest, often heard in country music and done with fingerpicks, special metal or plastic picks that fit on each finger. n fingerpick the picks defined above.
fingerprint(noun) 1 the mark made by the tips of the fingers (burglars who left no fingerprints anywhere). 2 an ink print of the lines on the fingertips for identification purposes (a police file of fingerprints).
fingertips(noun, plural) the tips of the fingers. have at one’s fingertips to have ready knowledge of (have the facts of the situation at their fingertips).
finicky(adjective) 1 fussy, too particular (finicky tastes in food/a finicky eater). 2 needing a lot of attention to detail (a finicky job).
finish(verb) 1 to bring to an end (unable to finish the job). 2 to come to an end (the show finished early). n 1 the end (the finish of the race). 2 extra touches to make perfect (furniture with a fine finish/manners lacking finish).
finite(adjective) having an end, limited (human knowledge is finite).
fiord see fjord.
fir(noun) a cone-bearing (coniferous) tree.
fire(noun) 1 the activity of burning, which gives out heat and light (a forest fire). 2 (fml) strong feeling, excitement (patriotic fire). vb 1 to start a fire. 2 to bake (fire pottery). 3 to cause to explode (firing a gun). 4 to arouse interest and/or excitement (fired them up with enthusiasm). 5 (inf) to dismiss from employment (fired his assistant for being late).
fire engine(noun) a truck that carries firefighters and equipment for putting out fires.
fire escape(noun) a long ladder or steps by which people can escape from a burning building.
fire extinguisher(noun) a portable container used to put out fires.
fire house(noun) the building where fire engines are kept and firefighters stay when on duty.
fire side(noun) the area next to the fireplace in a home.
fire station(noun) another term for fire house.
firearm(noun) a gun, rifle, or pistol (the police issued with firearms).
firecracker(noun) a usually small paper covered cylinder with an explosive inside and a fuse that makes a sharp noise when set off.
firefighter(noun) a person who is trained to put out fires.
firefly(noun) any of the beetles that glow in the dark.
fireplace(noun) a framed opening in the wall of a house to hold a fire (a marble fireplace).
fireproof(adjective) that cannot be set on fire (fireproof material for children’s clothes).
firewood(noun) wood, such as sticks or logs, which will be burned as fuel to heat a home.
fireworks(noun, plural) explosives of different colors and styles set off in the dark for a showy celebration (let off fireworks on the Fourth of July).
firm1(adjective) 1 steady, not easily moved (he had a firm grip on the company’s finances. 2 determined (she was very firm about not going out with them). n firmness .
firm2(noun) a business company organized to manufacture or trade in goods (a publishing firm).
first(adjective) before all others (the first person to arrive/his first visit). adv 1 before all others (speak first). 2 before doing anything else (speak first and then act).
first aid(noun) treatment given to an injured person before the doctor arrives; simple medical attention (received first aid when he got hurt playing football).
first base(noun) the base to the left of the pitcher in baseball, the first of four the runner must run around to score.
first class(adjective) of the highest class, rank, excellence, etc.
first mate(noun) a ship’s officer next in rank below the captain.
first name(noun) a personal name that comes before the family name or surname and is given at birth, also called forename and sometimes Christian name (his first name is Joe).
firstborn(noun) (fml) eldest child.
fish(noun) a cold-blooded animal with gills and fins that lives in water. vb 1 to try to catch fish. 2 (inf) to search for (fishing in her bag for her keys). 3 (inf) to try to get by indirect means (fish for compliments).
fisher(noun) a person who fishes.
fishhook(noun) a hook, usually barbed, for catching fish.
fishing pole(noun) a simple device with a line extending out from it used to catch fish.
fishing rod(noun) a slender pole with an attached line, hook, and reel used in fishing.
fishmonger(noun) someone who buys and sells fish.
fishtail(verb) to move forward with a side-to-side swinging motion of the rear (the car fishtailed on the ice).
fishy(adjective) 1 of or like fish (a fishy smell). 2 doubtful, arousing suspicion (rather a fishy story/fishy situation).
fission(noun) the splitting into parts.
fist(noun) the hand tightly shut (fight with their fists).
fistfulCollective noun for dollars (A fistful of dollars) (see list of collective nouns)
fistfulCollective noun for grasses (A fistful of grasses) (see list of collective nouns)
fit1(adjective) 1 suitable, proper, right (a fit person for the jobfood not fit to be eaten). 2 in good health. n the particular way in which something fits (a good fit/a tight fit). vb (fitted, fitting) 1 to be of the right size (a coat that fits beautifully). 2 to suit (a punishment that fits the crime). 3 to make suitable (many people believe that the punishment should fit the crime).
fit2(noun) 1 a sudden attack of illness, fainting, etc (her child had coughing fits all night). 2 a sudden feeling (a fit of anger).
fitful(adjective) occurring in short periods, not regularly or steadily (in fitful bursts of energy/fitful sleep).
fitness(noun) suitability (question his fitness for the job).
fitter(noun) someone who puts the parts of machinery together.
fitting(adjective) suitable, proper (fitting behavior/a fitting end to his career). n 1 a thing fixed in position (kitchen fittings). 2 the trying on of clothes to see if they fit (a fitting for a wedding dress).
fiven the number 5, coming between four and six.
five-and-ten-cent store(noun) a store that sells inexpensive items, originally mostly marked for five or ten cents each.
fix(verb) 1 to make firm (fix the loose tiles). 2 to arrange (fixing a meeting). 3 to fasten (fixed a brooch to her dress). 4 to repair (fix the broken radio). 5 (inf) to arrange the result of dishonestly (fix the result of the election). n (inf) a difficulty.
fixate(verb) to focus on (he is fixated by the weather and watches any and all programs about the weather). n fixation .
fixative(noun) a substance used to make something permanent, prevent fading, etc (the drawing was sprayed with fixative to stop it smudging).
fixed(adjective) firm, not moving or changing (a fixed starefik-sed-lee/.
fixture(noun) 1 anything fastened in place (bathroom fixtures). 2 any person or thing that has remained in a situation so long as to seem fixed there.
fizz(verb) to release or give off many bubbles (soda pop fizzing in the glass). n 1 bubbles of gas in a liquid (soda pop that has lost its fizz). 2 the sound of fizzing. 1 (inf) enthusiasm, liveliness, excitement (the fizz went out of the party). adj fizzy.
fizzle(verb) to fail, to come to nothing (after an enthusiastic start our plans fizzled out).
fjord(noun) a long, narrow bay running inland between steep rocky hills (Norway has many beautiful fjords).
flab(noun) sagging flesh.
flabbergast(verb) to astonish (flabbergasted by the expense of the vacation). adj flabbergasted.
flabby(adjective) 1 soft, hanging loosely (flabby muscles). 2 having soft loose flesh (his muscles became flabby after he gave up doing his exercises). n flabbiness .
flaccid(adjective) soft and weak, flabby, hanging in loose folds (flaccid muscles).
Flag Day(noun) June 14, the day in 1777 when the US flag was adopted.
flag1(noun) 1 a square or oblong piece of material with a pattern on it representing a country, party, association, etc (the French flag). 2 a colored cloth or paper used as a sign or signal (red flags at dangerous beaches). vb (flagged, flagging) 1 to signal with flags (flag dangerous beaches). 2 to cause a vehicle to stop by signaling to the driver (police flagging down speeding motorists).
flag2(noun) any of the wild irises with flat fans of sword-shaped leaves and white blue, or yellow flowers.
flag3(noun) a flat paving stone (there was a path made of flags through the garden).
flag4(verb) (flagged , flagging ) (fml) to become tired (flagging after a hard day’s work).
flagpole(noun) a pole on which a flag is raised and flown.
flair(noun) 1 a natural ability (a flair for languages/a flair for organizing). 2 style, stylishness, an original and attractive quality (dress with flair).
flake(noun) 1 a small thin piece of anything, especially a small loose piece that has broken off something (flakes of paint/flakes of chocolate). 2 a very light piece (e.g. of snow). vb to come off in flakes (paint flaking off). adj flaky.
flamboyant(adjective) 1 very brightly colored or decorated (flamboyant clothes). 2 showy and confident (a flamboyant person/with flamboyant gestures).
flame(noun) a tongue of fire, a blaze (a candle flame). vb to burn brightly (the fire flamed suddenly).
flamenco(noun) a Spanish gypsy style of dance or music featuring stamping, clapping, etc.
flaming(adjective) 1 burning with flames. 2 excited, violent (in a flaming temper). 3 very bright (flaming red hair).
flamingo(noun) (pl flamingoes ) a brightly colored water bird with long legs and neck.
flammable(adjective) likely to catch fire and burn easily (gasoline is very flammable).
flan(noun) 1 a piece of shaped metal ready to be made into a coin by a stamp. 2 a dessert tart filled with custard, fruit, etc. 3 a Spanish dessert of custard covered with a burnt-sugar syrup.
flange(noun) a rim that sticks out, as on a wheel that runs on rails.
flank(noun) 1 the fleshy part of an animal’s side between the ribs and the hip (stroke the horse’s flank). 2 the side of anything (e.g. an army, a mountain, etc). vb to be at the side of, to move to the side of (the prisoner flanked by the policemen).
flannel(noun) 1 a soft, loosely woven woolen cloth (blankets made of flannel). 2 a shirt or other piece of clothing made from this material.
flap(noun) 1 anything fixed at one end and hanging loose at the other (the flap of the tent). 2 the sound made by such a thing when it moves (the flap of the clothes hanging on the line). 3 (inf) panic, agitation (don’t get in a flap). vb (flapped , flapping ) 1 to flutter, to move up and down, to make a sound as of fluttering (clothes flapping on the line). 2 (inf) to get into a panic, to become confused or excited (people flapping in an emergency).
flapCollective noun for plastic surgeons (A flap of plastic surgeons) (see list of collective nouns)
flapjack(noun) 1 a pancake; 2 a type of cake usually made with oats, syrup, butter and sugar.
flare(verb) 1 to blaze up, to burn brightly but unsteadily (a match flared in the darkness). 2 to spread out (jeans flaring at the bottom). n 1 a bright, unsteady light. 2 a light used as a signal (ships firing off emergency flares). 3 a gradual widening, especially of a skirt.
flare-up(noun) a sudden outburst of flame, anger, trouble, etc (a flare-up of his illness).
flash(noun) 1 a quick or sudden gleam (a flash of light). 2 (inf) a moment (all over in a flash). 3 anything lasting for a very short time (a flash of humor). 4 a device for producing a short burst of electric light when taking photographs. vb 1 to shine out suddenly (lights flashing). 2 to move very quickly (days that seem to flash past).
flashCollective noun for paparazzi (A flash of paparazzi) (see list of collective nouns)
flash flood(noun) a sudden, violent flood, as after a heavy rain.
flashback(noun) 1 a section of a story, play, film, etc telling of something that happened in the past. 2 a sudden, clear, detailed memory of something in the past.
flashcard(noun) one of a set of cards with words, numbers, etc on them flashed one by one for a quick answer, used in the classroom or as a study aid.
flashlight(noun) an electric torch (he had to find his way in the dark by flashlight).
flashy(adjective) gaudy, showy (flashy clothes/a flashy car).
flask(noun) 1 a kind of bottle with a narrow neck, used in laboratories. 2 a pocket bottle (a hip flask of water).
flat(adjective) 1 level (flat land). 2 uninteresting, dull, and lifeless (things a bit flat after Christmas). 3 (of music) below the right note. 4 lying full length (people flat on the ground after the explosion). 5 deflated, without enough air in it (a flat tire). 6 clear, strong, firm (a flat denial). 7 no longer fizzy (soda pop gone flat). n 1 a level area (cycle on the flat). 2 the flat part or side (with the flat of my hand). 3 a musical sign (b) showing that a note is to be played a semitone lower. 4 a flat tire (went to fix the flat). n flatness.
flatbed(adjective) of a truck, trailer, etc, having a bed or platform without sides or stakes.
flatbread(noun) bread made into thing, circular pieces or sheets, such as pita or matzo.
flatfish(noun) a kind of fish, such as a flounder or sole, with a flat body and both eyes and mouth on one side of its body.
flatten(verb) to make flat (flatten the uneven ground).
flatter(verb) 1 to praise excessively or insincerely (because he wanted to borrow her car, he flattered his mother with lots of compliments on her dress). 2 to make appear better than is true (candlelight flatters the room). n flatterer .
flattery(noun) insincere or excessive praise.
flatulence(noun) gas in the stomach or bowels. adj flatulent .
flatware(noun) flat tableware, such as knives, forks, spoons, etc.
flaunt(verb) to show off; to try to draw attention to (he flaunted his wealth by buying expensive clothes and gold jewelry).
flauta(noun) a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla rolled tightly around a filling, such as shredded chicken or beef, and deep fried.
flavor(noun), also flavour (Br) 1 a taste (have the flavor of strawberries). 2 the taste special to a thing. vb to add something to a dish to improve its taste (the chef flavored the sauce with his own mix of herbs/flavor the ice cream with rum).
flavoring(noun), also flavouring (Br) something added to improve the taste (not one of their products has artificial flavoring).
flaw(noun) 1 a crack, a defect, an imperfection (the flaw reduces the value of the antique vase). 2 any weakness that makes a person or thing less than perfect, less effective, etc (flaws in her characterflawd/.
flawless(adjective) without any imperfections or defects.
flax(noun) a plant with narrow leaves and blue flowers, the fibers of which are made into linen and the seeds of which are made into linseed oil.
flaxen(adjective) 1 like or of flax. 2 light yellow in color (flaxen hair).
flea(noun) a small, jumping, bloodsucking insect (dogs with fleas).
flea market(noun) a bazaar, usually outdoors, dealing mainly in cheap, secondhand goods.
fleck(noun) a spot (flecks of dirt on the white towels/flecks of white on the cat’s black fur). vb to mark with spots (black fur flecked with white).
fledgling(noun) a young bird learning to fly.
flee(verb) (pt, pp fled ) to run away, to run away from (people fleeing from the invading army).
fleece(noun) the woolly coat of a sheep or similar animal. vb 1 to cut the wool off (shepherds fleecing sheep). 2 (inf) to overcharge (fleece the customers).
fleetCollective noun for ambulances (A fleet of ambulances) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for bass (A fleet of bass) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for boats (A fleet of boats) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for buses (A fleet of buses) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for cars (A fleet of cars) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for chartered planes (A fleet of chartered planes) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for coaches (A fleet of coaches) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for ducklings (A fleet of ducklings) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for jets (A fleet of jets) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for lorries (A fleet of lorries) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for mud hens (A fleet of mud hens) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for ships (A fleet of ships) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for vans (A fleet of vans) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for vessels (A fleet of vessels) (see list of collective nouns)
fleetCollective noun for yachts (A fleet of yachts) (see list of collective nouns)
fleet1(noun) 1 a large number of ships, cars, airplanes, etc, together. 2 a large group of warships commanded by an admiral.
fleet2(adjective) (fml) quick-moving (fleet of foot). vb (fml) to pass quickly (she was all to aware of time fleeting past).
fleeting(adjective) (fml) passing quickly (fleeting moments).
flesh(noun) 1 the soft substance that covers the bones of an animal to form its body (the trap cut into the rabbit’s flesh). 2 this as food (animals that eat flesh rather than plants). 3 the edible part of fruit (the flesh of a melon). 4 the body. 5 the desires of the body.
fleshly(adjective) having to do with the body and its desires.
fleshy(adjective) fat (fleshy arms).
flex(verb) to bend (flexing his muscles/flex one’s toes). n a cord of rubber-covered wires used to carry electric currents.
flexible(adjective) 1 easily bent (flexible tubing). 2 easily changed, adaptable (flexible plans). 3 willing and able to change according to the situation; adaptable (he tried to be flexible). n flexibility .
flick(verb) to strike lightly and quickly (flick a piece of dirt from his sweater/flick the light switch on). Also n.
flicker(verb) 1 to shine or burn unsteadily (a candle flickering). 2 to flutter, to move quickly and lightly (with eyes flickering). Also n.
flight(noun) 1 the act of flying (the airplane was in flight). 2 the act of running away (the flight of the refugees). 3 the movement or path of a thing through the air (the flight of an arrow). 4 a journey made by air (a long-haul flight). 5 a number of birds flying together (a flight of geese). 6 a set of stairs or steps (a flight of wooden stairs).
flightCollective noun for aeroplanes (A flight of aeroplanes) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for aircraft (A flight of aircraft) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for butterflies (A flight of butterflies) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for cormorants (A flight of cormorants) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for dragons (A flight of dragons) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for golf balls (A flight of golf balls) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for goshawks (A flight of goshawks) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for planes (A flight of planes) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for refugees (A flight of refugees) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for stairs (A flight of stairs) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for steps (A flight of steps) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for swallows (A flight of swallows) (see list of collective nouns)
flightCollective noun for yesterdays (A flight of yesterdays) (see list of collective nouns)
flight attendant(noun) a person whose job it is to look after passengers in an aircraft (passengers kept the flight attendants busy for the whole flight).
flight control(noun) 1 the control from the ground by radio of aircraft in flight. 2 a station using such control.
flight deck(noun) the upper deck of an aircraft carrier, which is used as a runway.
flight plan(noun) a pilot’s oral or written report that states the speed, altitude, and destination of a flight.
flighty(adjective) 1 changeable, unreliable (flighty young girls).
flimsy(adjective) 1 thin (a dress of flimsy material). 2 not strong, easily broken or destroyed (a flimsy box). 3 weak (a flimsy excuse).
flinch(verb) to draw back in fear or pain (flinched as the bully raised his hand).
fling(verb) (pt, pp flung ) 1 to throw (fling papers on the floor). 2 to move suddenly and forcefully (the little boy flung himself onto the floor in a temper). n 1 a throw. 2 a brief love affair. 3 a trial effort.
flingCollective noun for dunlins (A fling of dunlins) (see list of collective nouns)
flingCollective noun for oxbirds (A fling of oxbirds) (see list of collective nouns)
flingCollective noun for sandpipers (A fling of sandpipers) (see list of collective nouns)
flint(noun) 1 a hard stone (rock containing a lot of flint). 2 a piece of hard mineral from which sparks can be made when struck (a flint for his lighter). Also adj.
flip(verb) (flipped , flipping ) 1 to turn over lightly but sharply (flip over the pages of the book). 2 to toss (flip a coin in the air). Also n. adj disrespectful, not serious (don’t be flip with me).
flippant(adjective) not serious; disrespectful (a flippant remark). n flippancy .
flipper(noun) a broad, flat part or limb used by certain sea creatures (e.g. seal, turtle, penguin) when swimming.
flirt(verb) 1 to show interest in for a time only (flirt with the idea of moving). 2 to behave toward another as if attracted by or to attract (she was flirting with all the men at the party). n someone who plays at making love. n flirtation .
flirtatious(adjective) fond of flirting.
float(verb) 1 to remain on the surface of a liquid (rafts floated on the water/swimmers floating on their backs). 2 to start (a new business or company) by selling shares to the public. 3 to suggest, to put forward (float a few ideas at the meeting). n 1 anything that floats (e.g. a raft, a buoy, etc) or helps to make something else float. 2 a low, flat, decorated vehicle for carrying things in a parade. 3 a cold beverage with ice cream floating in it (a root beer float).
floatCollective noun for tuna (A float of tuna) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for auks (A flock of auks) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for birds (A flock of birds) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for budgerigars (A flock of budgerigars) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for bustards (A flock of bustards) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for camels (A flock of camels) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for ducks (A flock of ducks) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for geese (A flock of geese) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for ostriches (A flock of ostriches) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for pigeons (A flock of pigeons) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for seagulls (A flock of seagulls) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for swifts (A flock of swifts) (see list of collective nouns)
flockCollective noun for tourists (A flock of tourists) (see list of collective nouns)
flock1(noun) 1 a company of birds or animals (a flock of sheep). 2 a number of people together (people arriving in flocks). 3 a congregation (a priest and his flock). vb to come together in a crowd (people were flocking to the sales).
flock2(noun) 1 a tuft or flake of wool. 2 waste wool used for stuffing cushions, etc (a mattress made of flock).
floe(noun) a large sheet of floating ice.
floeCollective noun for ice (A floe of ice) (see list of collective nouns)
flog(verb) (flogged , flogging ) to beat, to thrash (flog wrongdoers). n flogging .
flood(noun) 1 an overflowing of water onto dry land. 2 a rush (of water, people, etc) (a flood of correspondence). 3 the flowing in of the tide. vb 1 to overflow, to cover with water (water flooding the town). 2 to arrive in great quantities (letters flooded in).
flood plain(noun) a plain that borders a river, made up of the soil deposited by the river after it floods.
floodlight(noun) a very bright lamp directed onto the outside of a building at night to light it up. Also vb. n floodlighting .
floodlightCollective noun for ideas (A floodlight of ideas) (see list of collective nouns)
floor(noun) 1 the bottom surface of a room on which a person walks (an uncarpeted floor). 2 any bottom surface (the floor of the ocean). 3 all the rooms, etc, on the same level in a building (rent the first and second floors). vb 1 to make a floor (floor the room with pine). 2 to knock down (the boxer floored his opponent with one blow). 3 (inf) to astound (they were completely floored by his announcement to get married).
floor plan(noun) a scaled drawing of the layout of the rooms of a house or building.
floorboard(noun) the wooden boards that make up the floor in a house or building.
flooring(noun) 1 a floor. 2 material for making a floor.
flop(verb) (flopped , flopping ) 1 to sit or fall down heavily or loosely (flop down exhausted in a chair). 2 to hang or swing heavily or loosely (the girl’s long hair was flopping all over the place in the wind). 3 to fail completely, to be unsuccessful (the Broadway play flopped). n a complete failure.
floppy(adjective) hanging loosely, not stiff (a floppy hat).
flora(noun) all the plants in a country or region.
floral(adjective) having to do with flowers (a floral arrangement/a floral tribute).
florist(noun) someone who grows or sells flowers (she asked the florist if she would make up the bouquets for her wedding day).
Floristrystudy of cultivating and selling flowers (see list of branches of science)
floss(noun) 1 rough silk. 2 any fluffy substance. 3 waxed thread for cleaning between the teeth. vb to clean teeth with floss.
flotillaCollective noun for swordfish (A flotilla of swordfish) (see list of collective nouns)
flotsam(noun) floating wreckage (the flotsam from the wrecked ship).
flounce1(verb) to move sharply or quickly (flounced out in a temper). Also n.
flounce2(noun) a gathered strip of cloth sewn by its upper edge round a skirt or dress and left hanging (a skirt with lace flounces). n flouncing .
flounder1(noun) a type of flatfish, a fluke.
flounder2(verb) 1 to struggle helplessly or awkwardly (walkers floundering in the mud). 2 to be in doubt as to what to say next, to hesitate, to struggle when speaking (he lost his notes and floundered helplessly when giving the lecture).
flour(noun) grain, especially wheat or corn, ground into powder (whole wheat flour).
flourish(verb) 1 to get on well, to be very successful, to prosper (a company that is flourishing). 2 to grow well, to bloom (flowers flourished). 3 to wave about in a showy manner (flourish his letter of acceptance). n 1 spoken words or handwriting that attract attention by being unusual. 2 a sudden short burst of music (a flourish of trumpets). 3 a bold, sweeping movement or gesture (open the door to his guests with a flourish).
flourishCollective noun for blossoms (A flourish of blossoms) (see list of collective nouns)
flourishCollective noun for strumpets (A flourish of strumpets) (see list of collective nouns)
flourishCollective noun for trumpets (A flourish of trumpets) (see list of collective nouns)
floury(adjective) 1 covered with flour (floury hands). 2 like flour (floury potatoes).
flout(verb) to pay no attention to, to disobey openly and scornfully (some children were always flouting the school rules).
flow(verb) 1 to move steadily and easily, as water (tears flowinga flow of information).
flowchart(noun) a diagram showing the order of stages in a process or system (a flowchart of the production process).
flower(noun) 1 a blossom, consisting of petals and bearing pollen. 2 the best part of (the flower of the nation’s young men). vb to blossom or bloom.
flowerpot(noun) a container in which plants can be grown.
flowery(adjective) 1 full of flowers (flowery meadows). 2 patterned with flowers (a flowery wallpaper). 3 ornate, over-elaborate (flowery language).
flu(noun) short for influenza, a sickness caused by a virus.
fluctuate(verb) 1 to rise and fall, as a wave (prices fluctuating). 2 to vary, to change continually and irregularly (opinions that fluctuate). n fluctuation .
flue(noun) a passage in a chimney for carrying away air or smoke.
fluent(adjective) able to speak or write quickly and easily (fluent in Frenchfloo-en-see/.
fluff(noun) any soft or feathery material (fluff from blankets on his dark suit/the fluff on new-born chickens).
fluffy(adjective) like fluff, soft and downy (fluffy little ducklings).
fluid(adjective) 1 able to flow, flowing. 2 able to change quickly (fluid arrangements). 3 smooth and graceful (dance with fluid movements). n any substance that flows, as liquid or gas.
Fluid dynamicsstudy of flow of fluids (see list of branches of science)
Fluid mechanicsstudy of fluids behaviour at rest and in motion (see list of branches of science)
Fluid staticsstudy of fluids behaviour at rest (see list of branches of science)
fluke1(noun) a type of flatfish, a flounder.
fluke2(noun) 1 the part of an anchor that hooks into the seabed. 2 one of the pointed parts on a whale’s tail.
fluke3(noun) (inf) a lucky chance (win by a fluke).
flume(noun) a human-made channel or chute for carrying water, usually down a mountainside.
fluorescence(noun) a quality in certain substances that enables them to give off very bright light.
fluorescent(adjective) having or showing fluorescence (fluorescent paint).
fluoride(noun) a chemical compound that is sometimes added to toothpaste and water supplies to prevent tooth decay.
flurry(noun) 1 confused movement (in a flurry of excitement when the visitors were coming). 2 a sudden rush of air, rain, etc (a flurry of snow). vb to make anxious or confused (unexpected visitors always flurried her).
flush(verb) 1 to become suddenly red in the face (flush with embarrassment/flushed with the heat). 2 to cleanse by a flow of water (flush the toilet). n 1 a sudden redness in the face (heat bringing a flush to her face). 2 a rush of water. 3 freshness, vigor (in the first flush of youth). adj 1 (inf) having plenty of money (he is flush because he has just been paid). 2 level (flush with the wall).
flushCollective noun for plumbers (A flush of plumbers) (see list of collective nouns)
flushCollective noun for wing commanders (A flush of wing commanders) (see list of collective nouns)
fluster(verb) to make confused, to over-excite (get flustered in an emergency). Also n.
flute(noun) 1 a wooden musical wind instrument. 2 a shallow hollow carved in a pillar. vb 1 to play the flute. 2 to carve hollows or grooves.
flutherCollective noun for jellyfish (A fluther of jellyfish) (see list of collective nouns)
flutter(verb) 1 to move the wings up and down quickly without flying (moths fluttering). 2 to move about quickly (flags fluttering in the breeze/fluttered her eyelashes). n 1 quick movement (with a flutter of her eyelashes). 2 (inf) excitement (the new arrival caused a flutter in the office). 3 (inf) a bet, a gamble (have a flutter on the horses).
flutterCollective noun for flutists (A flutter of flutists) (see list of collective nouns)
Fluviologystudy of watercourses (see list of branches of science)
fly(verb) (pt flew , pp flown ) 1 to move through the air on wings (birds flying). 2 to travel by airplane (prefer to fly than to go by train). 3 to move quickly (I must fly—I’ll be late). 4 to run away (fly from the invading army). n 1 a common flying insect (the house fly). 2 a fishing hook covered with feathers to make it look like a fly. 3 a flap, especially one that closes the entrance to a tent. n flier, flyer .
FM(abbreviation) for frequency modulation, a system that uses waves to send and receive sound (we listen to 88.1 FM on the radio for news).
foal(noun) a young horse, mule, donkey, etc. vb to give birth to a foal.
foam(noun) bubbles on the top of liquid, froth (the foam on a glass of root beer). vb to gather or produce foam (a mad dog foaming at the mouth).
focaccia(noun) a round, flat Italian yeast bread that has a crispy crust and contains olive oil, herbs, etc.
focal(adjective) 1 of a focus. 2 central, main (the room’s focal point is a marble fireplace).
focus(noun) (pl foci or focuses ) 1 a point at which rays of light meet. 2 a center of interest or attention (the beautiful woman was the focus of everyone’s attention). vb 1 to bring to bear on one point (focus his attention on the firm’s financial problems). 2 to get a clear image in the lens of a camera before taking a photograph.
fodder(noun) dried food for cattle, horses, sheep, etc.
foe(noun) (fml) an enemy (the country’s foe/regard his rival as a foe).
fog(noun) a thick mist.
fogey, fogy(noun) a person whose ideas are out of date (teenagers think he is an old fogey for not liking loud rock music).
foggy(adjective) 1 misty (a foggy day). 2 confused, vague (have just a foggy impression of what she looked like).
foil1(verb) to cause to fail, to defeat (foil their attempt to win the prize).
foil2(noun) 1 a very thin sheet of metal (wrap the leftovers in aluminum foil). 2 the metal coating on the back of a mirror.
foil3(noun) a long, thin sword with a cap or button on the tip to prevent injury, used in fencing.
foldCollective noun for chairs (A fold of chairs) (see list of collective nouns)
fold1(verb) 1 to bend one part of a thing all the way over to cover another part (fold the blanket in half). 2 to enclose (fold her in his arms). n 1 a line or crease made by folding (iron out the folds in the sheets). 2 the part doubled over.
fold2(noun) a place where sheep are kept.
folder(noun) a stiff cover for holding papers, letters, etc (keep his important documents in a folder).
foliage(noun) (fml) the leaves of trees or other plants (a plant with silvery-green foliage).
folio(noun) 1 a sheet of paper folded so that it opens to two equal, opposing pages. 2 the number of pages in a book
folk(noun) 1 (inf) people (the friendly folk next door). 2 the people of a country or a particular part of a country (townsfolk). 1 (inf) pl relatives, parents (take him home to meet her folks).
folklore(noun) all the stories, songs, beliefs, etc, that have been passed on from one generation of people to another (e.g. folk dance, folk song, folk tale).
Folkloristicsstudy of folklore and fables (see list of branches of science)
follow(verb) 1 to go or come after (follow her mother down the path). 2 to be next in order to (autumn follows summer). 3 to go along (follow the mountain path). 4 to accept as a leader or a teacher (some people are taught to follow God). 5 to result from (disease that followed the drought). 6 to understand (I don’t follow what you mean).
follower(noun) a supporter (followers of the football team).
following(noun) all one’s supporters (a football team with a huge following). adj next in order (the following day).
followingCollective noun for stalkers (A following of stalkers) (see list of collective nouns)
folly(noun) 1 foolishness (their folly is lending him money). 2 a foolish act (regret their follies).
fond(adjective) 1 having a love or liking for (fond of musicfond-ness/.
fondle(verb) to stroke, to touch lovingly (fondling the dog’s ear).
font(noun) 1 the basin holding the water for baptism. 2 a set of type of the same size and style.
food(noun) that which can be eaten (a shortage of food).
food chain(noun) a series of living things, each of which feeds on the one below it in the series (cats are above mice in the food chain/humans are at the top of the food chain).
fool(noun) 1 a silly or stupid person (he was a fool to leave his job). 2 (old) a jester (the fool in Shakespeare’s plays). vb 1 to deceive (succeed in fooling his friends). 2 to behave as if someone were a fool (fool around with the children).
foolish(adjective) silly, stupid (a foolish thing to dofoo-lish-ness/.
foolproof(adjective) unable to go wrong even when foolishly used (the filing system is meant to be foolproof).
foot(noun) (pl feet ) 1 the part of the leg below the ankle. 2 the lowest part of anything (the foot of the stairs/the foot of the page). 3 in imperial measurement a length equal to 12 inches. 4 foot-soldiers. vb (inf) to pay (foot the bill).
football(noun) 1 a team game with eleven players on each side, the object of which is to score points by kicking field goals through the goal posts or running the ball in for a touchdown. 2 the ball used to play this game. See also soccer.
foothills(noun, plural) low hills at the bottom of mountains (the foothills of the Rocky Mountains).
footing(noun) 1 a safe place for the feet (a climber seeking a footing). 2 balance (miss his footing and fall). 3 foundation, basis (a business on a firm footing). 4 relationship (on a friendly footing with the boss).
footlights(noun, plural) lights on the floor at the front of the stage in a theater.
footnote(noun) a note at the bottom of a page (footnotes explaining part of the text).
footpath(noun) a narrow path used by walkers only.
footprint(noun) the mark left by a foot (police examining footprints at the murder scene).
footstep(noun) the sound or mark made by the foot of someone walking (hear footsteps behind me).
footstool(noun) a low stool to support the feet of a person seated.
for prep 1 in place of (to use coats for blankets). 2 in the interest of (to speak for another). 3 for the purpose of going (she left for the day). 4 in search of (look for the lost glove). 5 as being (he knew for a fact). 6 the length of (for an hour).
forage(noun) food for cattle or horses. vb 1 to gather food for cattle or horses. 2 to go out and look for food. 3 to search, to hunt, to rummage (foraging around in the cupboard).
forbid(verb) (pt forbade , pp forbidden ) to order not to do (forbid his son to drive his car).
forbidding(adjective) frightening (rather a forbidding expression).
force(noun) 1 strength, power (the force of the wind). 2 violence (have to use force to get him into the car). 3 an organized body of people (the police force). 4 pl the army, navy, and air force (the military forces). 5 a person or thing that has great power (a force in the local council). vb 1 to make (somebody do something) (force him to clean his room). 2 to get something by strength, violence, or effort (forcing his way through the crowd). 3 to grow plants out of season under artificial conditions.
forced(adjective) brought about by force, unnatural, strained (a forced smile).
forceful(adjective) strong, energetic (a forceful speechfoarse-fu-lee/.
forceps(noun) an instrument like tongs or pincers used by doctors and dentists to hold, lift, or grip things.
forcible(adjective) done by force (forcible entry to the house).
ford(noun) a place where a river is shallow enough to be crossed. vb to wade across.
fore(adjective) and adv in front. interj (in golf) a warning shout made by a player.
forearm1(noun) the arm from the elbow to the wrist (tennis players have strong forearms).
forearm2(verb) to arm or prepare in advance (forearmed by a list of the questions the audience were likely to ask).
foreboding(noun) a feeling that evil is going to happen (a foreboding that he was going to die in the battle/there are some who look upon the future with foreboding).
forecast(verb) (pt, pp forecast) to say what will happen in the future (impossible to forecast the result of the match/it is easier nowadays to forecast the weather). Also n.
forefather(noun) an ancestor (his forefathers came from Ireland).
forefinger(noun) the finger next to the thumb, index finger (point with his forefinger).
forefront(noun) the front part (as a young man he was in the forefront of the campaign against nuclear weapons).
forego1(verb) (pt forewent , pp foregone ) to go before.
forego2 see forgo.
foregoing(adjective) earlier, previous (the foregoing passage in the book).
foregone(adjective) previously determined, predicted (everyone agreed it was a foregone conclusion that he would win).
foreground(noun) 1 the nearest objects shown in a picture (a house in the background and two figures in the foreground). 2 the nearest part of a view.
forehead(noun) the part of the face above the eyebrows and below the hairline (frown lines in her forehead).
foreign(adjective) 1 belonging to or concerning another country (foreign customers/a foreign vacation). 2 strange (meanness was foreign to her nature). 3 out of place (a foreign object in her body).
foreigner(noun) a person from a different country from where they are (considered foreigners when visiting Brazil).
foreleg(noun) one of the front legs of an animal (the racehorse broke its left foreleg).
foremost(adjective) 1 most famous, best (the foremost writer of his generation). 2 most important (the foremost issue before the committee).
forename see first name.
forensic(noun) 1 having to do with the law or courts of law (forensic medicine). 2 having to do with applying scientific, especially medical, knowledge to legal matters, as in crime investigation.
forerunner(noun) 1 (old) someone who goes before with a message or announcement. 2 a person or thing that comes before another (a forerunner of the jet plane). vb forerun .
foresee(verb) (pt foresaw , pp foreseen ) to see what is going to happen (no one could have foreseen the accident).
foreshadow(verb) to be a sign of future events (his personal defeat in his own event foreshadowed the defeat of the whole team).
foresight(noun) the ability to guess and prepare for future events (he had the foresight to save for his old age).
foresightCollective noun for housekeepers (A foresight of housekeepers) (see list of collective nouns)
foreskin(noun) the fold of skin that covers the tip of the penis; this is sometimes removed by circumcision for religious or medical reasons.
forest(noun) a large area covered by trees and undergrowth.
forestall(verb) to guess what another is going to do and act before him or her.
forestation(noun) the planting and caring for forests.
forested(adjective) covered with trees and undergrowth.
forester(noun) a person in charge of a forest.
Forestrystudy of the management of forests (see list of branches of science)
forestry(noun) the study of planting and looking after forests.
foretell(verb) (pt, pp foretold ) to say what will happen in the future (claim to be able to foretell the future from the stars/she foretold that he would go to prison).
forethought(noun) care taken to ensure that the results of actions will be good (have the forethought to book tickets in advance).
forever(adverb) for always, endlessly, at all times.
forewarn(verb) to warn in advance (he tried to forewarn his brother that their father was angry).
foreword(noun) a piece of writing at the beginning of a book as an introduction.
forfeit(verb) to lose or give up (forfeit his right to the throne/the team had to forfeit because not enough players could come). n that which is so lost or given up; a fine.
forge(noun) 1 a blacksmith’s workshop. 2 a furnace for heating metal. vb 1 to beat hot metal into shape. 2 to make by hard effort (forging a new career). 3 to imitate something to deceive (forged the old man’s signature on the will).
forger(noun) a person who forges.
forgery(noun) 1 act of imitating something dishonestly, especially another’s writing. 2 the imitation so made (this is not his handwriting on the will—it’s a forgery).
forget(verb) (pt forgot , pp forgotten ) to fail to remember (she forgot his name/forget to bring her notes).
forgetful(adjective) bad at remembering (becoming forgetful). n forgetfulness .
forget-me-not(noun) a small blue flower.
forgive(verb) (pt forgave , pp forgiven ) 1 to pardon (forgive her disloyalty). 2 to stop being angry or bitter toward; to stop blaming or wanting to punish (he forgave his son for crashing the car). n forgiveness . adj forgivable .
forgiving(adjective) quick to forgive (a forgiving nature).
forgo , forego(verb) to give up, to do without (make up her mind to forgo meat for life).
fork(noun) 1 an instrument with two or more pointed prongs used for digging, eating, etc. 2 a place where two roads meet. 3 a place where a tree or branch divides. vb 1 to raise or dig with a fork (fork the hay/fork the soil). 2 to divide into branches (the road forks outside the town).
forked(adjective) divided into branches or sections (the snake had a forked tongue).
forklift(noun) a device on the front of a truck for lifting heavy objects.
forlorn(adjective) left alone, miserable (standing forlorn on the platform after the train pulled away).
form(noun) 1 shape (forms such as trianglesform the matches into a triangleideas forming in her mind).
formal(adjective) 1 following the accepted rules or customs (a formal invitation). 2 stiff in manner (rather a formal old woman). n a dance (invited to the spring formal). adv formally .
formality(noun) 1 stiffness of manner. 2 something done only to carry out a rule (sending you a letter of acceptance was a formality). 3 care to follow rules and customs (observe the formalities of the wedding ceremony).
format(noun) the general shape and size of anything (the format of the book). vb to prepare a computer disk so that data can be recorded and stored on it.
formation(noun) 1 act of forming. 2 an orderly arrangement (planes flying in formation).
formative(adjective) helping to shape or develop (in her formative childhood years).
former(adjective) earlier, past (in former times). pron the person or thing previously mentioned.
formerly(adverb) in earlier times (he formerly worked in a bank).
formidable(adjective) 1 to be feared (her mother seems rather formidable). 2 difficult (a formidable task).
formless(adjective) having no definite shape or regular plan.
formula(noun) (pl formulae or formulas ) 1 a fixed arrangement of words or numbers. 2 a rule in arithmetic set down with signs or letters so that it can be used for any sum. 3 in chemistry, the use of signs or letters to show how substances are made up.
formulate(verb) (fml) to express or set down clearly (find it difficult to formulate her objections).
forsake(verb) (pt forsook , pp forsaken ) to give up, to abandon (forsake his family/forsake her religion).
fort(noun) 1 a place prepared for defense against an enemy. 2 a permanent military post.
forte1(noun) one’s strong point, the thing at which a person is best (tact is not her forte).
forte2(adverb) (mus) loud.
forth adv 1 onward in time, place, or order (from that time forth). 2 out (go forth).
forthcoming(adjective) 1 about to happen, coming soon (new candidates in the forthcoming election). 2 open, responsive (a forthcoming personality).
forthright(adjective) saying what one thinks (a forthright person/a forthright reply).
fortify(verb) 1 to strengthen or enrich (cereal fortified with vitamins). 2 to build defenses around (fortify the city against attack).
fortitude(noun) ability to suffer without complaint; courage, patience (the dying woman bore her pain with fortitude).
fortitudeCollective noun for graduate students (A fortitude of graduate students) (see list of collective nouns)
fortunate(adjective) lucky (a fortunate young lady/come at a fortunate time).
fortune(noun) 1 luck, chance (she had the good fortune to win the lottery). 2 wealth, a large amount of money (make a fortune). 3 the supposed power that affects one’s life (fortune is on his side).
forty(noun) the number 40, coming between thirty-nine and forty-one. adj fortieth 40th.
forum(noun) (pl forums or fora ) 1 (old) the market place in a Roman town. 2 any place of public discussion (the town hall is a forum for discussing all the local issues). 3 a meeting involving a public discussion (a forum on local traffic policy).
forward(adverb) toward the front (step forward). adj 1 advancing (a forward movement). 2 near the front (the forward part of the bus). 3 in advance (forward planning). 4 developing more quickly than usual (forward for her age). 5 bold, not shy. vb 1 to send on (forward mail). 2 to help move along (forwarding our plans).
fossil(noun) 1 the remains of a plant or animal hardened into stone and so preserved in rock or earth. 2 (inf) a person whose ideas are out of date.
fossil fuel(noun) a natural substance, such as coal or oil, found underground and formed in an earlier time, used as a source of energy.
foster(verb) 1 to look after for a time, to bring up a child that is not one’s own (fostering the boy while his mother was unable to look after him). 2 to encourage (foster hopes/foster her daughter’s talent).
foster child(noun) (pl foster children ) a child nursed and brought up by someone who is not his or her parent (they had four foster children).
foster father , foster mother(noun), foster parents(noun, plural) those who bring up the child(ren) of other parents (her foster parents gave her a safe and stable home).
foster home(noun) a home in which foster children are cared for by people other than their families (the foster home tried to provide a happy and secure home for the the children in their care).
foul(adjective) 1 dirty, disgusting (a foul smell/a foul mess). 2 stormy (foul weather). 3 against the rules (foul play). 4 nasty (he was foul to his wife). 5 bad (use foul language). vb 1 to make or become dirty (fouling the streets). 2 to become entangled (ropes getting fouled). 3 to break the rules of a game (foul his opponent). n an action that is against the rules of a game.
foul line(noun) the line that surrounds the area of play in a game.
foul play(noun) 1 unfair play. 2 violence or murder (the police suspected foul play when they saw all the blood).
found1pt and pp of find.
found2(verb) 1 to start from the beginning, to set up (found a new club). 2 to give money to start a school, hospital, etc. n founder .
foundation(noun) 1 the lowest part of a building on which the walls stand (lay the foundations of the new theater). 2 the amount of money given to start a school, hospital, etc.
founder1(verb) 1 to fill with water and sink (ships foundering). 2 to come to nothing, to fail (our plans foundered).
founder2 a person who founds or establishes something (he was the founder of many famous institutions).
foundry(noun) a workshop where metals are melted and shaped.
fount(noun) 1 (old) a spring of water. 2 (fml) a cause or beginning (the fount of knowledge).
fountain(noun) 1 a spring of water. 2 a jet of water thrown into the air from a pipe (take a drink from the drinking fountain in the park). 3 (fml) a beginning or source (when he was young he believed his father was the fountain of all knowledge).
fountain pen(noun) a pen containing a supply of liquid ink.
four n the number 4, coming between three and five.
four-poster(noun) (old)a bed with four tall corner posts that sometimes hold up a decorative drape.
fourteen n the number 14, coming between thirteen and fifteen.
fourteenth adj 14th, coming after thirteen others. n one of fourteen equal parts.
fourth adj 4th, coming after three others. n one of four equal parts.
four-way(adjective) giving passage in four different directions (a four-way intersection).
fowl(noun) a bird, especially the farmyard chicken or rooster (a boiling fowl).
fox(noun) 1 a dog-like animal with reddish brown or gray fur and a bushy tail. 2 a cunning or deceitful person. f vixen .
foxhole(noun) a hole dug in the ground as a temporary protection for soldiers.
foxhound(noun) a kind of dog with black, tan, and white fur that is trained for hunting.
foxy(adjective) 1 cunning (with foxy cleverness). 2 like a fox (a foxy smell). 3 reddish brown (hair of a foxy color). 4 attractive (a foxy lady).
foyer(noun) an entrance hall (hotel foyer).
fraction(noun) 1 a part of a whole. 2 a small part (a fraction of the cost). 3 in arithmetic, part of a whole number, e.g. 14, etc.
fractional(adjective) very small (a fractional improvement).
fracture(noun) 1 a break (a fracture in the pipe). 2 the breaking of a bone. vb to break, to suffer a fracture (fracturing a bone in his leg).
Fracture mechanicsstudy of the propagation of cracks in materials (see list of branches of science)
fragile(adjective) 1 easily broken (fragile goods). 2 not strong (fragile after her illness).
fragment(noun) 1 a part broken off (fragments of china). 2 a small part (not a fragment of common sense). vb fragment to break into fragments.
fragrance(noun) 1 scent, sweet smell (the fragrance of flowers). 2 perfume (market a new fragrance).
fragrant(adjective) sweet-smelling (fragrant flowers).
frail(adjective) 1 weak, feeble, delicate (frail old ladies). 2 (old) easily tempted to do wrong.
frame(verb) 1 to make, to construct (framing a sentenceframe a plan). 2 to put into a frame (frame the painting). 3 (inf) to cause someone to seem guilty of a crime (they framed him by putting the stolen goods in his shed). n 1 the supports around which the rest of a thing is built (the frame of the ship). 2 the border of metal, wood, etc, placed around a picture (a photograph frame). 3 the body (a slender frame).
framer(noun) a person or thing that frames.
framework(noun) the supports around which the rest of a thing is built (the framework of the ship/the framework of their plans).
franc(noun) money that was formerly used in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc.
franchise(noun) 1 the right to vote (when women got the franchise). 2 a special right given or sold by a company to one person or group of people to sell the company’s goods or services in a particular place (a hamburger franchise).
Francophobiafear of France or French culture (see list of phobias)
frank1(adjective) 1 saying what one really thinks, honest (a frank personfrangk-ness/.
frank2(verb) to put an official mark on a letter.
frankfurter(noun) a long, thin smoked sausage; a hotdog.
frankincense(noun) a gum giving a sweet-smelling smoke when burned.
frantic(adjective) 1 very anxious or worried (frantic about her missing children/frantic mothers). 2 wildly excited, hurried (frantic pace of modern life).
fraternal(adjective) brotherly (fraternal love).
fraternity(noun) 1 a group of men meeting for a common purpose. 2 (fml) the state of being brothers or like brothers.
fraternize(verb), also fraternise (Br) to mix with in a friendly or brotherly way (accused of fraternizing with the enemy).
fraud(noun) 1 dishonesty (found guilty of fraud). 2 a deceiving trick (carry out a frauds on a trusting person). 3 a person who deceives (the doctor turned out to be a fraud).
fraudulent(adjective) dishonest (fraudulent behavior).
fray1(noun) 1 a fight. 2 a noisy quarrel.
fray2(verb) 1 to wear away by rubbing (rubbing against the wall had frayed the rope). 2 to become worn at the edges (material fraying easily). 3 to upset (with nerves frayed).
freak(noun) 1 a living creature of unnatural form. 2 a strange, unexpected happening (by some freak, snow fell in July). adj strange, unusual (a freak accident).
freakish(adjective), also freaky very unusual, strange (a freakish result).
freckle(noun) a brownish yellow spot on the skin. adj freckled.
free(adjective) 1 at liberty, able to do what a person wants (former prisoners now freegoods given free). 6 open, frank (a free manner). n 1 to set at liberty (freeing the prisoner). 2 to set free from (freed him from his responsibility).
free throw(noun) in basketball, a clear shot at the basket from a certain line allowed to a player because the other team had done something wrong.
free trade(noun) the exchanging of goods without making a customs charge on imports.
free verse(noun) poetry without rhyme or a standard, regular pattern.
freedom(noun) 1 the state of being at liberty (ex-prisoners enjoying their freedom). 2 the right to act, think, speak, etc, as a person pleases (freedom of speech). 3 the state of being without (freedom from pain). 4 the unlimited use of something (have the freedom of the house).
freelance(noun) someone who works for himself or herself and not any particular company. vb to work in such a way (freelancing for various newspapers).
free-range(adjective) of eggs, laid by hens that are allowed to move around freely.
freestyle(adjective) (sports) not limited to one specific style.
freethinker(noun) someone who tries to work out his or her own ideas about God, religion, politics, morals, etc.
freeway(noun) 1 a toll-free highway. 2 an express highway with no intersections.
freeze(verb) (pt froze , pp frozen ) 1 to harden because of cold (a dessert left to freeze). 2 to become or make into ice (the pond sometimes freezes). 3 to be very cold (it’s freezing today). 4 to make (food) very cold so as to preserve it (freeze raspberries). 5 to become suddenly still (he froze when he saw the gunman).
freezeCollective noun for northerners (A freeze of northerners) (see list of collective nouns)
freezer(noun) a piece of electrical equipment or the part of a refrigerator that freezes and preserves food or other things at very low temperatures.
freight(noun) 1 the cargo of a ship. 2 the load on a train carrying goods. 3 the cost of transporting goods (freight included in the price of the goods).
freight car(noun) a railroad car used to transport goods.
freighter(noun) a cargo ship.
French(adjective) of or relating to France. n the language spoken in France.
French bread(noun) a long, slender loaf of white bread with a hard, crisp crust.
French cuff(noun) a double cuff, on the sleeves of a shirt, that is turned back on itself and fastened with cuff links.
French doors(noun, plural) two glass doors that are next to each other and hinged at opposite sides so that they open together in the middle.
French dressing(noun) a creamy, orange-colored salad dressing.
French fries(noun) thin pieces of sliced potato that have been deep fried.
French horn(noun) a brass musical instrument consisting of a long, spiral tube ending in a flared bell.
French toast(noun) sliced bread dipped in an egg batter and then fried in a pan.
French twist(noun) a woman’s hairstyle in which the hair is gathered at the back and twisted into a vertical coil running down the back of her head.
frenzied(adjective) wild, uncontrolled (a frenzied dance).
frenzy(noun) 1 a sudden attack of madness (yelled at his friend in a frenzy). 2 uncontrollable excitement or feeling (the fans at the rock concert worked themselves into a frenzy).
frenzyCollective noun for cheerleaders (A frenzy of cheerleaders) (see list of collective nouns)
frenzyCollective noun for contestants (A frenzy of contestants) (see list of collective nouns)
frequency(noun) 1 the number of times something happens (increase the frequency of his visits to his father). 2 the number of waves, vibrations, etc, per second.
frequent(adjective) happening often, common (a frequent visitor). vb to visit often (frequent the store at the corner).
fresh(adjective) 1 new (no fresh news). 2 not tired (feeling fresh after a night’s sleep). 3 cool (fresh air). 4 not stale (fresh bread). 5 not frozen or canned (fresh vegetables). 6 not salted (fresh butter).
freshen(verb) 1 to make or become fresh (the air has freshened at last). 2 to cause to become less untidy, etc (we had time to freshen up for dinner). n freshener .
freshman(noun) a student in the first year of high school or college.
freshwater(noun) not saltwater. adj of or relating to those things that live in fresh water.
fret(verb) (fretted , fretting ) 1 to wear away by rubbing (rope becoming fretted). 2 to worry, to be anxious (children fretting while their mother is away).
fretCollective noun for guitarists (A fret of guitarists) (see list of collective nouns)
fretfuladj troubled, irritable (overtired children getting fretful).
friar(noun) a member of a Roman Catholic religious order.
friary(noun) a house of friars.
friction(noun) 1 rubbing, a rubbing together (a rope worn by friction). 2 the resistance felt when one object is moved against another (friction between the wheels of a car and the road). 3 disagreement (some friction between the two departments).
Friday(noun), adv the sixth day of the week, following Thursday.
fridge(noun) a refrigerator.
friend(noun) a close companion. Society of Friends the religious group also known as the Quakers.
friendly(adjective) 1 kind (friendly people). 2 fond of or liking one another (they have been friendly since their schooldays). n friendliness .
friendship(noun) the state of being friends (form a friendship/value her friendship).
frieze(noun) a decorative border around the top of a wall.
frigate(noun) a small fast warship.
fright(noun) a sudden feeling of fear, a shock (get a fright when she saw the strange man).
frightCollective noun for ghosts (A fright of ghosts) (see list of collective nouns)
frighten(verb) to make afraid (the strange noise frightened the children).
frightful(adjective) 1 dreadful, causing fear (a frightful experience when the car crashed). 2 (inf) very bad, dreadful (wearing a frightful dress/the film was frightful).
frigid(adjective) 1 (fml) cold, frozen (the frigid areas of the world). 2 cold and unemotional, unfriendly (give a frigid starefri-ji-di-tee/.
Frigophobiafear of cold or cold things (see list of phobias)
frill(noun) 1 a loose ornamental edging of cloth gathered or pleated at one end and sewn on to a garment. 2 an unnecessary ornament (a plain room with no frills). adj frilly .
fringe(noun) 1 an ornamental edging of hanging threads (a skirt with a fringe round the hem). 2 the edge (the fringe of the lake). vb to border.
Frisbee(noun) 1 a simple game in which a flat, plastic disk is flung between players. 2 the disk used to play this game.
frisk(verb) 1 to jump and dance about, to play about joyfully (lambs frisking about). 2 to search quickly.
frisky(adjective) playful, active (frisky horses).
frittata(noun) an omelet with vegetables, meat, etc, in the egg mixture and cooked slowly until fluffy and served without folding.
fritter(noun) any sweet or tasty food cut small, fried in batter, and served hot (banana fritters). vb to waste (frittering away money on sweets/fritter away her time).
frivolity(noun) fun, lack of seriousness.
frivolous(adjective) 1 interested only in amusement (frivolous nature/a frivolous man). 2 not taking important matters seriously; silly (make frivolous comments). 3 not serious, playful, light-hearted (frivolous pleasures).
frizz(verb) to form into small, tight curls. adj frizzy .
frizzle(verb) 1 to form into small, tight curls. 2 to fry with a sputtering, hissing noise (bacon frizzling in the pan).
fro adv. to and fro forward and back again (wander to and fro along the sea front).
frog(noun) a cold-blooded, four-footed land and water creature that can leap long distances (tadpoles growing into frogs).
frogman(noun) a person trained and equipped for underwater work.
frolic(verb) (frolicked , frolicking ) to play about, to dance or jump about happily (children frolicking around the garden/lambs frolicking). n a trick played for fun; lively amusement.
from prep 1 beginning at (tickets are on sale from tomorrow). 2 starting with (from two until three). 3 out of (money from his wallet). 4 with (a shed made from wood). 5 as not being like (tell one brother from the other). 6 because of (to scream from fright).
frond(noun) a leaf, especially of a palm or fern.
front(noun) 1 the forward part of anything. 2 in war, the place where the fighting is going on (news from the front). Also adj. vb to face, to stand before.
frontier(noun) 1 the boundary between one country and another (show passports at the frontier). 2 that part of a settled, civilized country that is still underdeveloped and somewhat wild.
frost(noun) frozen dew or moisture freezing (young plants killed by a late frost). vb 1 to cover with frost (fields frosted over in winter). 2 to cover with icing (frost the birthday cake). 3 to treat glass so that it cannot be seen through (frosted glass on the bathroom window).
frostbite(noun) injury caused to the body by very severe cold. adj frostbitten .
frosting(noun) icing for cakes (pink frosting on the birthday cake).
frosty(adjective) 1 covered with frost (frosty roofs). 2 cold because of frost (a frosty day). 3 unfriendly (a frosty manner).
froth(noun) a mass of tiny bubbles on the surface of liquid, foam (the froth on a glass of root beer). vb to throw up froth. adj frothy .
frown(verb) to wrinkle the forehead, to scowl, to look angry (frown at the children’s bad behavior/frown in disapproval). Also n. frown on to discourage, to disapprove of (frown on staff leaving early).
frozen(adjective) 1 turned into or covered in ice. 2 motionless or unyielding (he was frozen in horror).
fructose(noun) a sugar found in fruit and honey.
frugal(adjective) 1 careful, not wasteful, thrifty (he’s frugal with money). 2 very small, not much (a frugal meal). n frugality .
fruit(noun) 1 the part of a plant that produces the seed, often eaten as a food (apples, pears, and other fruits). 2 result (the fruits of his research).
fruit bat(noun) any fruit-eating bat, such as the flying fox.
fruit cup(noun) mixed diced fruits served in a small bowl as a dessert or appetizer (also fruit cocktail).
fruit fly(noun) a small fly that feeds on fruit.
fruitcake(noun) 1 a rich cake containing nuts, fruit, spices, etc. 2 (sl) a foolish person (he’s a bit of a fruitcake).
fruitful(adjective) 1 (old) fertile. 2 having good results (fruitful discussions).
fruition(noun) fulfillment, a successful ending (plans finally coming to fruition).
fruitless(adjective) unsuccessful (a fruitless search).
fruity(adjective) like fruit in taste or smell.
frump(noun) a badly or unfashionably dressed woman (she’s such a frump). adj frumpy .
frustrate(verb) 1 to make to fail (frustrating their attempt). 2 to cause to have feelings of disappointment or dissatisfaction (frustrated by the dullness of her jobfru-stray-shun/.
fry1(verb) to cook in fat (fry bacon). n anything fried.
fry2(noun) (pl fry) young fish.
fryer(noun) a person or thing that fries.
frying pan(noun) a shallow pan with a handle for frying food.
fuchsia(noun) 1 a shrub with long, hanging, bell-shaped flowers of a pink, red, or purple color. 2 purplish-red (her dress was silky and a lovely fuchsia color).
fudge(noun) a soft candy made with butter, sugar, cream, etc. vb to refuse to commit, to fail to give a direct answer.
fuel(noun) 1 material to keep a fire going (coal and logs as fuel). 2 material used for producing heat or power by burning (high fuel bills because of the central heating system).
fugitive(noun) someone who is running away. adj 1 (fml) passing quickly (fugitive hours). 2 escaping (fugitive prisoners). n a person who flees from danger, pursuit, or duty.
fugue(noun) a piece of music in which different parts or voices carry the same tune at different times.
fulfill(verb) (fulfilled , fulfilling ), also fulfil (Br) 1 to carry out successfully, to complete (fulfill tasksfool-fil-ment/, also fulfilment (Br).
full dress(noun) formal clothes worn on special occasions. adj full-dress.
full moon(noun) the phase of the moon when its entire face can be seen from earth.
full sail(adjective) with every sail set up and in use.
full1(adjective) 1 holding as much as possible (a full bucket). 2 complete (a full report). n fullness .
full2(verb) to clean and thicken cloth. n fuller .
fullback(noun) in football, one of the players used for blocking the other team members.
full-blown(adjective) in full bloom, fully opened (full-blown roses).
full-bodied(adjective) having a rich, strong flavor.
full-fledged(adjective) having a complete set of feathers, completely developed.
full-grown(adjective) having reached full size.
full-length(adjective) showing or covering the full length of an object or all of a person’s figure, said of pictures, mirrors, etc.
full-service(adjective) offering all the services for a business of its kind (a full-service gas station).
full-time(adjective) engaged in work, study, etc, for the full extent of the working hours of the day.
fulmar(noun) a type of sea bird.
fulminate(verb) 1 (fml) to thunder. 2 to speak loudly and threateningly (my father was fulminating about my sister coming in late). n fulmination .
fulsome(adjective) excessive; insincere (fulsome praise/fulsome apologies).
fumble(verb) 1 to feel for something not seen (fumbling in the dark for the light switch). 2 to handle clumsily (fumble the catch and drop the ball).
fume(noun) smoke, vapor (paint fumes/gas fumes). vb 1 to give off fumes. 2 (inf) to show anger (I was fuming about his insulting remarks).
fumigant(noun) the substance used in fumigation.
fumigate(verb) to disinfect by means of fumes (fumigating the room after the patient died of scarlet fever). n fumigation .
fun(noun) merriment, amusement, enjoyment (children having fun in the park). adj amusing, enjoyable (have a fun time).
function(noun) 1 the work that a thing is made or planned to perform; its use (the function of the car’s engine/the function of the liver). 2 duties (his function is to supervise the workers). 3 (fml) a public ceremony or party (the firm’s holiday function). vb 1 to work as intended. 2 to act.
functional(adjective) designed with a view to its use (functional rather than decorative furniture).
functionary(noun) (fml) an official (council functionaries).
fund(noun) 1 an amount laid aside till needed (a vacation fund). 2 money collected or kept for a purpose (the church repair fund).
fundamental(adjective) having to do with the beginning or most necessary parts of something, of great importance (the fundamental principles of mathematics/a fundamental difference). Also n.
fundamentalism(noun) the belief that the whole of the Bible is to be believed and lived by exactly as written.
fundraiser(noun) an event put together to raise money for an organization, cause, etc.
funeral(noun) 1 burial of the dead. 2 the ceremonies performed at burial.
funeral director(noun) a person who manages funerals.
funeral home(noun) a place of business where the dead are prepared for burial and where services can be held.
funerary(adjective) of or having to do with a funeral.
funereal(adjective) gloomy, sad, dark (funereal music/a funereal atmosphere).
fungal(adjective) having to do with or caused by a fungus (a fungal infection).
fungus(noun) (pl fungi or funguses ) 1 a mushroom, toadstool, or similar plant. 2 an unhealthy growth on an animal or plant (roses affected by a fungus).
funk1(verb) (inf) to fear to do, to be frightened (funk telling his mother about the broken window). n a state of fear (in a funk about telling his parents about failing his exams).
funk2(noun) 1 a musty, unpleasant odor. adj funky.
funk3(noun) a style of music with a jerky bassline, popular since the 1970s.
funnel(noun) 1 a hollow cone used for pouring liquids into bottles, etc (use a plastic funnel to pour cooking oil into a bottle). 2 a passage by which smoke, etc, escapes (the funnel of a steamship).
funnies(noun, plural) comic strips.
funny(adjective) 1 amusing, humorous (a funny joke). 2 strange, odd (he’s a funny man—he doesn’t like chocolate).
funny bone(noun) a place on the elbow that gives a strange, tingling sensation when it is hit.
funny car(noun) a type of racing car with large rear tires and a one-piece body.
fur(noun) 1 the short soft hair of certain animals (a cat’s fur). 2 the skin of an animal with the hair still attached, used as a garment (wear a stole made of silver fox fur). 3 a coating (e.g. on the tongue).
furbish(verb) (fml) to polish, to make bright by rubbing (furbish the family silver).
furious see fury.
furl(verb) to roll up (a sail, flag, etc).
furlong(noun) one-eighth of a mile (220 yards).
furlough(noun) (fml) permission to be absent from work for a certain time (obtain furlough from the army).
furnace(noun) an enclosed place in which great heat can be produced by fire (a furnace for melting iron ore/a furnace that provides the office’s central heating).
furnish(verb) 1 to provide what is necessary (furnish them with all the necessary information). 2 to put tables, chairs, beds, and other necessary articles in a house (furnish the house gradually).
furnishings(noun, plural) the fittings in a house.
furniture(noun) the articles (tables, chairs, etc) needed in a house or office.
furor(noun), also furore (Br) great excitement, craze, frenzy (the furor of the fire drill).
furrier(noun) someone who deals in furs.
furrow(noun) 1 the trench cut in the earth by a plough. 2 a wrinkle (furrows in her brow). vb 1 to plough. 2 to wrinkle (furrowed her brow).
furry(adjective) covered with fur (furry toy animals).
further(adverb) 1 besides (he is hardworking—further, he is honest). 2 farther (unable to go any further without a rest). adj 1 more distant. 2 more (no further use). vb to help forward (furthering the cause of freedom).
furthermore(adverb) besides, in addition (he is poor—furthermore he is homeless).
furthermost(adjective) most distant (the furthermost point in the British Isles) (also furthest ).
furtive(adjective) careful, done secretly (cast a furtive look around before letting herself into the house).
fury(noun) rage, great anger (fly into a fury on discovering the damage to his property). adj furious .
fuse1(verb) 1 to melt by heat (lead fuses at a low temperature). 2 to melt together as a result of great heat (copper and tin fuse to form bronze). 3 (of an electrical appliance or circuit) to stop working or cause to stop working because of the melting of a fuse (fusing all the lights). 4 to join together (ideas that fused). n easily melted wire used to complete an electric current.
fuse2(noun) a tube of slow-burning substance used to explode shells, bombs, dynamite, etc (light the fuse).
fuselage(noun) the body of an airplane.
fusible(adjective) that can be fused or easily melted.
fusion(noun) 1 act of melting (a metal formed by the fusion of two other metals). 2 a joining to make one (a literary work that is a fusion of several different styles).
fuss(noun) anxiety or excitement over unimportant things.
fussy(adjective) worrying over details, hard to please.
futile(adjective) having no useful result (a futile searchfyoo-ti-li-tee/.
futon(noun) a thin cushion placed on a frame that can be used as a bed or folded into a chair or couch.
future(adjective) about to happen, coming (present and future projects). n the time to come (in the future we will take more care/the future of the factory is uncertain).
futuristic(adjective) of or having to do with the future; so advanced in design, etc, as to seem from the future.
Futurologystudy of future (see list of branches of science)
fuzz(noun) a mass of fine, light hair or similar substance (apricots covered in fuzz).
fuzzy(adjective) 1 covered in fuzz (toy fuzzy animals). 2 not clear, blurred (a fuzzy television picture).
FX(abbreviation) for 1 foreign exchange. 2 (cinema) special effects.
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