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Volume 0 (Symbols and Numbers)
0 number of moons of planet Mercury
number of moons of planet Venus
lowest possible temperature in degrees Kelvin
freezing point of pure water in degrees Celcius
1 first and smallest positive integer
number of moons of planet Earth
1.618 golden ratio
2 smallest and only even prime number
number of moons of planet Mars
atomic number of helium
base of the binary number system
people taken into heaven while still alive as per Bible
books in the Old Testament that are named after women Guns of Navarone in the film, 'The Guns of Navarone'
3 first odd prime
first Mersenne prime
only prime triangular number
only prime which is one less than a perfect square
atomic number of lithium
types of color receptor cells in a typical human eye
number of primary colors (red, yellow and blue)
number of primary colors of light (red, green and blue)
doshas (defects) that form the focus of Ayurvedic medicine
number of Gods that make up Trimurti of Hinduism
Jewels of Buddhism (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha)
Pure Ones in Taoism
events in a triathlon (swimming, bicycling, and running)
heads of Slavic god Triglav
Fates in Greek Mythology (Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos)
virtues of Zoroastrianism - Humata, Hukhta and Huvarshta
items in the Imperial Regalia of Japan
typical daily prayers for Jewish men
members of Holy Trinity of Christianity
books in the Old Testament that are named after women
Gorgons in Greek mythology (Stheno, Euryale and Medusa)
weapons in modern fencing (foil, épée, and sabre)
3.1514 Pi (circumference of a circle divided by its diameter)
4 cardinal directions (north, south, east, west)
seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter)
terrestrial (or rocky) planets in our Solar system
Galilean moons of Jupiter
strings on a violin, a viola, a cello, and a ukulele
first composite number
atomic number of beryllium
basic states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, and plasma)
Vedas (Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda)
faces of Hindu god Brahma
gospels in the New Testament
Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelation
holy cities of Judaism
holy cities of Islam
Noble Truths of Buddhism
sights which affected Prince Siddhartha
main pilgrimage sites of Buddhism
Puruṣārtha - aims of human life as per Hindu tradition
stages of life as per Hindu tradition
primary castes of Ancient Indian society
heads of Slavic god Svetovid
nucleobase types in DNA
nucleobase types in RNA
blood types in the ABO blood group system
wisdom teeth typically present in adult humans
canines typically present in adult humans
chambers in a typical mammalian heart
digestive compartments in cow's stomach
Houses of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series
rivers in the Garden of Eden as per Bible
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Eastates of democracy
nations of the United Kingdom
suits in a deck of paying cards
cardinal virtues as per Christian theology
historical capitals of China
Temperaments of psychology
provinces of Ireland
completed, numbered symphonies by Johannes Brahms
5 number of known moons of Pluto
inert impermanent elements of Hindu Faith
books of Torah
Pillars of Islam
daily prayers commanded by Allah
law-giving prophets as per Islam
Ks of Sikhism
6 first perfect number
days of Creation in Genesis
sides or points of any snowflake

7 days in a week
colors in a rainbow
horses pull the chariot of Hindu Sun god, Surya
tongues (flames) of Hindu Fire god, Agni
mythical continents in ancient Hindu cosmology
seas in ancient Hindu cosmology
ages of man as per Shakespeare
deadly sins in Christian tradition
Heavenly Virtues in Christian tradition
kandas (chapters) in Hindu epic Ramayana
maximum possible number of eclipses in a calendar year
limestone rock stacks currently standing at the Twelve Apostles
Sacraments of Catholic Church
wonders of ancient world
8 planets in our solar system
principle wives of Lord Krishna in Hinduism
10 heads of Ravana, the anti-hero of Hindu epic Ramayana
Commandments revealed to Moses at Mount Sinai
'most perfect number' according to Pythagoras
12 months in a calender year
signs of the zodiac
Tribes of Israel
letters in the Rotokas alphabet
primary disciples of Jesus known as Twelve Apostles
14 number of known moons of planet Neptune
18 parvas (books) in Hindu epic Mahabharat
20 base used in Mayan number system
things/people in a score
21 letters in the Italian alphabet
22 letters in the Phoenician alphabet
23 pairs of chromosomes in a normal cell of human body
24 letters in the Greek alphabet
26 letters in the English alphabet
letters in the German alphabet
letters in the Latin alphabet
letters in the French alphabet
27 number of known moons of planet Uranus
letters in the Spanish alphabet
27.3 days it takes for Moon to orbit Earth
28 days in Fenruary in a non-leap year
letters in the Arabic alphabet
29 days in Fenruary in a leap year
29.5 days is the duration of the lunar phase cycle
33 letters in the modern Russian alphabet
39 letters in the modern Armenian alphabet
books in the Old Testament (Protestant)
42 meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything
46 chromosomes in a normal cell of human body
books in the Old Testament (Catholic)
74 letters in the Khmer alphabet
78 tarot cards in a standard modern tarot deck
79 number of known moons of planet Jupiter
82 number of known moons of planet Saturn
88 constellations recognized by IAU
keys in a modern piano keyboard
99 names of Allah revealed to man in The Qur'an
100 boiling point of pure water in degrees Celicius
zeros in googol
108 names of Lord Krishna in Hinduism
114 suras (chapters) in Quran
117 billion humans have ever been born on Earth as per PRB estimate
153 fish caught during 'Miraculous catch of fish'
353 wives of Dasharatha, according to Ramayana
500 years of lifespan of phoenix, a mythical bird
555 fictitious US area code
666 number of the beast as per Christian Faith
969 age of Methuselah at his death
6,236 number of verses in Quran
10,000 things/people in a myriad
16,000 junior wives (gopikas) of Lord Krishna
24,000 verses in Hindu epic Ramayana
24601 Valjean’s prisoner number in Les Misérables
100,000 verses in Hindu epic Mahabharat
24,862,048 digits in the largest known prime number
astronomical symbol for Moon
astronomical symbol for silver
astronomical symbol for planet Mercury
astronomical symbol for Mercury metal
astronomical symbol for Sun
astronomical symbol for gold
astronomical symbol for Planet Earth
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