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Y (volume 25)
Y, y 1 the twenty-fifth letter of the alphabet. 2 (algebra) the second unknown quantity. 3 (math) the second coordinate.
yacht (noun)a ship, especially a sailing ship, used for pleasure or racing. n yachting.
yachtsman , yachtswoman (noun)a person who sails a yacht.
yak (noun)a type of ox with long silky hair, found in Tibet.
yam (noun)a tropical plant with an edible root; a sweet potato.
yank (verb)to tug, to move suddenly or with a jerk.
Yankee (noun)a citizen of the North of the United States.
yap (verb)(yapped , yapping ) to yelp, to bark shrilly (little dogs yapping).
yard (noun)1 in the imperial system, a measure of length (= 3 feet or 0.9144 meters). 2 a pole fixed across a mast for supporting a sail. 3 an enclosed piece of ground near or behind a building. 4 the grounds surrounding a house, a garden. 5 a piece of ground enclosed for a particular purpose (a building yard).
yardstick (noun)a standard by which you measure or judge other things (used her mother’s behavior as a yardstick for her own).
yarn (noun)1 any type of spun thread. 2 (informal) a made-up or improbable story (the old man was spinning a yarn about his days as a sailor).
yashmak (noun)a veil worn by Muslim women in public.
yawn (verb)1 to open the mouth wide because of tiredness or boredom. 2 to be wide open (the cave yawned below them). n the act of yawning.
ye (pronoun)(old) you (pl).
yea (adverb)yes.
yeah (adverb)(informal) yes.
year (noun)the time taken by the earth to travel once around the sun; 365 days, especially from 1 January to 31 December; 12 months.
yearling (noun)a one-year-old animal.
yearly (adjective)1 happening once a year. 2 happening every year. Also adv.
yearn (verb)to desire greatly, to long (for) (yearn for a better way of life).
yearning (noun)a strong desire, a longing.
yeast (noun)a frothy substance used for making bread rise and in making beer, etc.
yell (verb)to scream, to shout loudly and suddenly (yell for help). Also n.
yellow (noun)a bright golden color, as of daffodils. adj 1 of golden color. 2 (informal) cowardly (too yellow to stand up for himself).
yellow-fever (noun)a dangerous tropical disease spread by mosquitoes.
yelp (verb)to utter a sharp cry, as a dog in pain (she yelped as the boulder fell on her foot). Also n.
yen1 (noun)(pl yen) the currency of Japan.
yen2 (noun)(informal) desire (have a yen for sunshine).
yeoman (noun)a farmer, one who owns a small farm of his own.
yesused to express consent, agreement, approval, etc.
yesterday (noun)the day before today. Also adv.
yet (adverb)1 still. 2 in addition. 3 up to the present. 4 however. 5 all the same.
yeti (noun)a legendary very large creature said to live in the Himalayas.
yew (noun)a large evergreen tree often grown in churchyards.
Yiddish (noun)a language, partly German and Hebrew, spoken by some Jewish people.
yield (verb)1 to produce (fruit, crops, profit, etc) (the milk yielded by the cattle). 2 to give in, to surrender (the soldiers yield to the enemy). 3 to give way (the door finally yielded to pressure). n 1 the amount produced or made in profit. 2 a crop.
yielding (adjective)giving in easily, easily influenced or managed.
yodel (verb)(yodeled , yodeling ) to sing with frequent changes from one’s ordinary voice to a higher-pitched one. n yodeler.
yoga (noun)1 a Hindu belief that by prayer and complete control over the body and its desires, you may become one with God. 2 a course of related postures and exercises.
yogi (noun)a person who practices yoga.
yogurt (noun)a food made from fermented milk (have yogurt and fruit for breakfast).
yokeCollective noun for pilots (A yoke of pilots) (see list of collective nouns)
yoke (noun)1 the part of a garment that fits over the shoulders and round the neck (a black dress with a white yolk). 2 a frame of wood that fits over the necks of two oxen, making them work together when pulling a plow, cart, etc. 3 something that forces people to do something (the yoke of slavery). vb 1 to put together under a yoke. 2 to link together.
yokel (noun)(derog) a country fellow.
yolk (noun)the yellow part of an egg.
Yom Kippur (noun)the Day of Atonement, a Jewish festival involving fasting and repenting.
yon, yonder (adjective)(old) that (one) over there. adv yonder over there.
yore (noun)(old) olden times. of yore in olden times.
you (pronoun)(pl you) the person or people being addressed (you look well).
young (adjective)not old, not grown up, childish, youthful. n 1 all the children or offspring (of) (the lioness and her young). 2 young people in general (entertainments for the young).
youngster (noun)a young person.
your (adjective)belonging to you (I like your perfume).
yours (pronoun)something belonging to you (is this book yours?).
yourself (pronoun)(pl yourselves ) the reflexive form of “you” (take care of yourself).
youth (noun)1 the early part of one’s life (she lived overseas in her youth). 2 a young man (youths who have just left school). 3 young people (clothes designed for youth).
youthful (adjective)young, young-looking (youthful old people). adv youthfully
yowl (verb)to cry or howl like a dog. Also n.
yo-yo (noun)a toy consisting of a double disk that you move up and down on a string.
Yule (noun)Christmas.
Yuletide (noun)the Christmas season.
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