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K (volume 11)
K, kthe eleventh letter of the alphabet.
Kainolophobiafear of anything new, novelty (see list of phobias)
Kainophobiafear of anything new, novelty (see list of phobias)
Kakorrhaphiophobiafear of failure or defeat (see list of phobias)
kalea type of cabbage with dark, crinkled leaves.
kaleidoscope1 a toy consisting of a tube in which quickly changing colors and shapes are seen through an eyehole. 2 a constantly and quickly changing pattern (the kaleidoscope of history).
kaleidoscopic1 with many changing colors. 2 quickly changing.
Kalologystudy of beauty (see list of branches of science)
kamikan Inuit boot made from caribou hide.
kangarooan Australian mammal with a pouch for its young and long strong hind legs by means of which it jumps along.
kapoka light cotton-like fiber used for stuffing cushions, etc.
karaokea type of entertainment in which a machine plays a tape of popular music while people take it in turns to sing the words of the songs (she really enjoyed taking part in the karaoke).
karatea Japanese form of unarmed combat using the feet, hands and elbows.
Karyologystudy of cell nuclei (see list of branches of science)
Katagelophobiafear of ridicule (see list of phobias)
Kathisophobiafear of sitting down (see list of phobias)
Katsaridaphobiafear of cockroaches (see list of phobias)
katydida large green insect related to the grasshopper.
kayakan Inuit canoe, made from sealskin.
kebabsmall pieces of meat and vegetables cooked on a metal or wooden skewer under a broiler or over flames.
kedgereea dish made of rice, fish and eggs (the English serve kedgeree for breakfast).
keelthe long beam or girder along the bottom of a ship from which the whole frame is built up. vb keel over 1 to turn over to one side, to capsize (the boat keeled over in the storm). 2 (informal) to fall down, to collapse (people keeling over in the heat).
keen1 sharp (a keen mind keen to go keen-ness/.
keep(pt, pp kept ) 1 to have something without being required to give it back (told to keep the change). 2 not to give or throw away, to preserve (keep old family photographs keep hens). 5 to pay for and look after (keep his family). 6 to hold back. 7 to carry out (keep an engagement). 8 to go on doing (keep walking). 9 (informal) to remain in good condition (food that won’t keep). n 1 (formal) care (leave the children in his keep). 2 a strong tower in the centre of a castle. 3 (informal) maintenance, food and lodging (pay for his keep). keep at to go on trying to do. keep body and soul together to help to keep alive (she does two jobs to try to keep body and soul together). keep one’s hand in to practice enough to remain good at (she no longer plays in an orchestra but she plays the piano often enough to keep her hand in).
keepersomeone who keeps or looks after (the lock-keeper/the gate-keeper).
keepingcare, charge (money given into the bank’s keeping).
keepsakea gift valued because of the giver (she gave him a lock of her hair as a keepsake).
kega small barrel (a keg of beer).
kelp1 a type of seaweed. 2 ashes of seaweed, used in making glass, iodine, etc.
kenbeyond one’s ken outside the extent of one’s understanding (how he made his money was beyond our ken).
kennel1 a house for dogs (a kennel in the garden for the dog). 2 a pack of hounds.
Kenophobiafear of voids or empty spaces (see list of phobias)
Keratnologystudy of nails and hair (see list of branches of science)
Keraunophobiafear of thunder and lightning (see list of phobias)
kerbsee curb.
kerchiefa cloth for covering the head (wearing a red kerchief to protect her head from the sun).
kernel1 the edible part in the centre of a nut or fruit stone. 2 the most important part (the kernel of the problem).
kerosenean oil made from petroleum, paraffin.
kestrela small falcon.
ketchupa sauce, usually made of tomatoes, onions, salt and sugar (tomato ketchup).
kettlea metal vessel, with a spout and handle, used for boiling water (boil water for the tea in an electric kettle). a kettle of fish a great difficulty.
kettledruma drum made of skin or parchment stretched across the mouth of a rounded metal frame.
key1 an instrument for opening locks, winding clocks, etc (turn the key in the lock). 2 one of the levers or buttons struck by the fingers on a piano, computer, etc. 3 the relationship of the notes in which a tune is written. 4 something that when known enables you to work out a code, problem, etc (the key to the puzzle). 5 a translation. 6 a general mood, tone or style (in a low key).
keyboardthe set of levers or buttons struck by the fingers on a piano, computer, etc (the keyboard of the computer). vb to use a keyboard.
keyholethe hole through which a key is put in a lock (looking through the keyhole to see what they were doing).
kgabbreviation for kilogram
khakidust-colored. n yellowish-brown cloth originally used in making army uniforms.
kibbutzin Israel, a small community in which the members all live and work together.
kibbutznika member of a kibbutz.
kick1 to strike with the foot (kick the ball). 2 (of a gun) to jerk back when fired. n 1 a blow given with the foot (his leg injured by a kick from a horse). 2 the recoil of a gun. 3 (informal) a thrill, a feeling of pleasure (get a kick from fast cars). 4 strength, effectiveness (a drink with a kick in it).
kick-offthe beginning of a game of football or soccer.
kid1 (informal) a child (work hard to give his kids everything). 2 a young goat. 3 goatskin leather. vb (kidded , kidding ) (informal) to deceive in fun (she was offended but then she realized that he was only kidding).
kidnap(kidnapped , kidnapping ) to carry off a person by force (kidnap the child of the millionaire to get money). n kidnapper
kidney1 one of two glands that cleanse the blood and pass the waste liquid out of the body. 2 the kidneys of certain animals used as food.
kill1 to put to death. 2 to put an end to (kill all their hopes). n the animal(s) killed in a hunt. kill time to make time seem to pass more quickly by occupying or amusing yourself in some way (kill time by looking round the shops).
kilna furnace or oven for heating or hardening anything, especially bricks and pottery.
kilo-prefix one thousand.
kilograma measure of weight = 1000 grams (about 21/5 lb). abbreviation kg.
kilometeralso kilometre (British spelling) a measure of length = 1000 meters (about 5/8 mile). abbreviation km.
kilowatta measure of electric power = 1000 watts.
kilta short pleated skirt worn by Scotsmen as part of Highland dress.
kimonoa Japanese long loose robe, tied with a sash, worn by women.
kin(formal) relatives, by blood or marriage (all his kin are dead).
kind1 sort, type, variety (fruit of various kinds kind acts). n kindness pay in kind to pay by goods, etc, not money (they gave us apples and we paid them in kind with eggs).
kindergartena school for children ages four to six.
kindle1 to set on fire, to light (kindling the fire in the hearth). 2 to stir up (kindle love).
kindlingsmall pieces of wood used for lighting a fire (chop kindling for the fire).
kindlykind, friendly (a kindly old woman kine-dlee-ness/.
kindred1 (formal) relatives, especially by blood (all his kindred were killed in the battle). 2 relationship (claim kindred with him). adj 1 related (kindred languages). 2 congenial (kindred spirits).
Kinematicsstudy of motion (see list of branches of science)
Kinesicsstudy of gestural communication (see list of branches of science)
Kinesiologystudy of human movement and posture (see list of branches of science)
Kinesophobiafear of movement or motion (see list of phobias)
Kineticsstudy of forces producing or changing motion (see list of branches of science)
kineticsthe study of the connection between force and motion. adj kinetic
Kinetophobiafear of movement or motion (see list of phobias)
king1 the male ruler of a state. 2 a playing card with a king’s picture. 3 a piece in chess (kings and castles and bishops).
kingdoma state ruled by a king.
kingfishera small brightly colored bird that dives for fish.
kink1 a backward twist in a rope, chain, etc (a kink in the garden hose). 2 an unusual or strange way of thinking about things (a curious kink in his character).
kinship1 a family connection. 2 any close connection.
kinsmana male relative. f kinswoman
kiosk1 a small hut or stall for the sale of newspapers, sweets, etc (buy sandwiches at the station kiosk). 2 a public telephone booth.
kipperto preserve by splitting open, salting and drying. n a fish so preserved, especially a herring, and used as food (have grilled kippers for breakfast).
kirk(Scot) a church.
kissto touch with the lips as a sign of love or respect (kiss their parents goodnight he kissed her hand). Also n.
kitall the tools, etc, needed to do a job (his athletics kit).
kitbaga bag for necessary tools, clothes, etc, as carried by soldiers, sailors, etc.
kitchenthe room in which cooking is done (a kitchen fitted with labor-saving machines).
kite1 a type of hawk. 2 a toy made of paper or cloth stretched on a tight framework, flown in the air at the end of a string (the child was flying a kite in the shape of a dragon).
kittena young cat.
kiwi1 a wingless tailless bird of New Zealand. 2 the fruit of an Asian vine.
Kleenex™tissue paper that is used as a handkerchief.
kleptomaniaan uncontrollable desire to steal things (she was accused of shoplifting but she was suffering from kleptomania). n kleptomaniac
Kleptophobiafear of stealing (see list of phobias)
kmabbreviation for kilometer.
knackknowledge of the right way to do a thing, skill gained by practice (there is a knack to tossing pancakes/the knack of making people feel welcome).
knapsack(old) a bag strapped to the back, worn by soldiers or travelers.
knave1 a rascal, a dishonest rogue (the knaves who stole his horse). 2 the third picture in a pack of cards, the jack.
kneadto press into a dough or paste (knead the dough to make bread).
kneethe joint between the upper and lower parts of the leg (pray on his knees).
kneel(pt, pp knelt or kneeled ) to go down or rest on the knees.
knell(fml or lit) the sound of a bell, especially at a funeral. vb 1 (of a bell) to ring a knell (church bells knelling). 2 to summon by, or as by, a knell.
knickerbockers(old) loose breeches ending at the knee.
knickers(informal) a woman’s undergarment with elastic round the waist; panties.
knick-knacka small or dainty ornament (a row of knick-knacks on her mantelpiece).
knife(pl knives ) a tool with a sharp edge for cutting (stab him with a knife eat his food with a knife and fork). vb to stab with a knife (he planned to knife her to death).
knight1 in olden days, someone of honorable military rank (knights fighting in a tournament). 2 a rank awarded for service to society, entitling the holder to be called Sir (the Queen made him a knight). 3 a piece in chess. vb to make (someone) a knight (a famous footballer knighted by the Queen).
knight errant(old) a knight who traveled in search of adventure.
knighthoodthe rank of a knight (receive a knighthood for services to charity).
knightlyhaving to do with a knight (knightly behavior).
knit(knitted , knitting ) 1 to make woolen thread into garments by means of needles (knit a cardigan). 2 to join closely (broken bones that failed to knit).
knittingthe thing knitted (leave her knitting on the bus).
knitting needlea long needle used for knitting.
knivespl of knife.
knob1 a rounded part sticking out from a surface (the knobs on the trunk of a tree). 2 the round handle of something (wooden door knobs). 3 a round control switch (the knobs on the television set). 4 a small lump of something (a knob of butter).
knobblycovered with lumps, bumpy (knobbly knees).
knock1 to strike (he knocked his head on the low ceiling). 2 to rap on a door (knock at the door). 3 (informal) to criticize (stop knocking him—he’s doing his best). n 1 a blow (a knock on the head). 2 a rap on the door.
knockera hammer attached to a door for knocking (brass door-knockers).
knock-kneedhaving knees that touch in walking.
knoll(fml or lit) a little rounded hill (a grassy knoll).
knot1 the twisting of two parts or pieces of string, etc, together so that they will not part until untied (put a knot in the string to tie the parcel). 2 a hard piece of the wood of a tree, from which a branch grew out. 3 a small group of people (a knot of people gossiping at the street corner). 4 a measure of speed at sea (about 1.15 miles per hour). vb to tie in a knot.
knottydifficult (a knotty problem).
know(pt knew , pp known ) 1 to be aware that (she knew that he was present). 2 to have information or knowledge about (she knows the office system thoroughly/she did not know all the facts before she made her move). 3 to have learned and remember (know a poem by Keats). 4 to be aware of the identity of, to be acquainted with (I know Mary Jones). 5 to recognize or identify (I would never have known her after all these years).
knowingshowing secret understanding (a knowing smile).
knowledge1 that which is known, information (he had considerable knowledge about America). 2 the whole of what can be learned or found out (there are many branches of knowledge such as astronomy).
knucklea finger joint (graze his knuckles). vb knuckle down to start working hard. knuckle under to be forced to accept the authority of someone, to give in to (he was disobedient but the new teacher made him knuckle under).
knuckle-dustera blunt metal instrument fixed onto the hand as a weapon.
koalaa small bear-like animal found in Australia.
Koinoniphobiafear of rooms or rooms full of people (see list of phobias)
Kolpophobiafear of genitals, particularly female (see list of phobias)
Koniologystudy of atmospheric pollutants and dust (see list of branches of science)
Koniophobiafear of dust (see list of phobias)
kooksomeone who behaves in a crazy or silly way. adj kooky
kookaburraan Australian bird (the laughing jackass).
Kopophobiafear of fatigue (see list of phobias)
Koran or Qu’ranthe holy book of Islam, the book of the Muslim religion.
kosher1 of food that has been prepared according to the rules of Jewish law. 2 (informal) genuine, honest, legal (I’m almost certain that his qualifications aren’t kosher).
Kosmikophobiafear of cosmic phenomenon (see list of phobias)
Koumpounophobiafear of buttons on clothing (see list of phobias)
Ktenologystudy of putting people to death (see list of branches of science)
kudosglory, fame, credit (gain a lot of kudos in the village from being interviewed on television).
kung fua Chinese form of unarmed combat using the hands and feet, similar to karate.
Kymatologystudy of wave motion (see list of branches of science)
Kymophobiafear of waves (see list of phobias)
Kynophobiafear of rabies (see list of phobias)
Kyphophobiafear of stooping (see list of phobias)
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