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Collective Nouns List

List of collective nouns

A collective noun is a word referring to a collection of things taken as a whole. The words army, flock, and herd are all examples of collective nouns. These nouns are all singular nouns but they refer to a group of people, animals or things. In most cases, collective nouns use singular verbs. That’s because collective nouns refer to a group of multiple people or things as a single unit or entity. Given below is the complete list of all collective nouns in English with usage examples

list of collective nouns

Collective nouns starting with A

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
aardvarksarmouryAn armoury of aardvarks
academicsfacultyA faculty of academics
accidentspileA pile of accidents
accountantsbalanceA balance of accountants
acrobatstroupeA troupe of acrobats
activitiesscheduleA schedule of activities
actorscastA cast of actors
actressesentranceAn entrance of actresses
actuariestableA table of actuaries
adderssumA sum of adders
administratorsnetworkA network of administrators
admiralsbridgeA bridge of admirals
adolescentsacneAn acne of adolescents
advocatesargumentAn argument of advocates
aeroplanesflightA flight of aeroplanes
agentsdealA deal of agents
aircraftflightA flight of aircraft
albatrossesrookeryA rookery of albatrosses
aliens (extraterrestrial)attackAn attack of aliens
aliens (noncitizens)boatloadA boatload of aliens
alligatorscongregationA congregation of alligators
alpacasherdA herd of alpacas
ambassadorsdelegationA delegation of ambassadors
ambulancesfleetA fleet of ambulances
ammunitioncacheA cache of ammunition
amoebasoozeAn ooze of amoebas
anaesthetistsslumberA slumber of anaesthetists
anatomistscorpsA corps of anatomists
anatomistsGrayA Gray of anatomists
angelshostA host of angels
anglerscatchA catch of anglers
animalsherdA herd of animals
antelopesherdA herd of antelopes
antsarmyAn army of ants
apartmentsblockA block of apartments
apesshrewdnessA shrewdness of apes
applesbushelA bushel of apples
apple treesorchardAn orchard of apple trees
archer fishcompanyA company of archer fish
archerscompanyA company of archers
architectsrenderingA rendering of architects
armadillosrollA roll of armadillos
armoured carscolumnA column of armoured cars
armscacheA cache of arms
arrowsquiverA quiver of arrows
artmuseumA museum of art
artillerybatteryA battery of artillery
artistestroupeA troupe of artistes
asparagusbundleA bundle of asparagus
assesherdA herd of asses
asteroidsbeltA belt of asteroids
astrologersknotA knot of astrologers
astronautstrajectoryA trajectory of astronauts
astronomersgalaxyA galaxy of astronomers
athletesteamA team of athletes
attendantsentourageAn entourage of attendants
attorneysgreedA greed of attorneys
auctioneershammerA hammer of auctioneers
auksflockA flock of auks
auntssuffocationA suffocation of aunts
AussiesoutbackAn outback of Aussies
authorsadvanceAn advance of authors
avocetscolonyA colony of avocets

Collective nouns starting with B

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
baboonstroopA troop of baboons
bachelorsscoreA score of bachelors
bacteriacultureA culture of bacteria
badgersceteA cete of badgers
bakersaromaAn aroma of bakers
balloonsfestivalA festival of balloons
bananashandA hand of bananas
bankerswunchA wunch of bankers
baptistsimmersionAn immersion of baptists
barbersbabbleA babble of barbers
baronsthoughtA thought of barons
barracudabatteryA battery of barracuda
bartenderspromiseA promise of bartenders
bassfleetA fleet of bass
batscolonyA colony of bats
beadsstringA string of beads
beanshillA hill of beans
bearssleuthA sleuth of bears
beautiesbevyA bevy of beauties
beautiful ladiesbevyA bevy of beautiful ladies
beaverscolonyA colony of beavers
beesswarmA swarm of bees
beggarsfightingA fighting of beggars
bellspealA peal of bells
billswadA wad of bills
birdsflockA flock of birds
bishopsbenchA bench of bishops
bisongangA gang of bison
bitternssedgeA sedge of bitterns
blanketsswelterA swelter of blankets
bloodhoundssuteA sute of bloodhounds
blossomsflourishA flourish of blossoms
boarsherdA herd of boars
boatsfleetA fleet of boats
bobolinkschainA chain of bobolinks
bombsclusterA cluster of bombs
bookkeepersauditAn audit of bookkeepers
bookslibraryA library of books
bottlescoupleA couple of bottles
bowlssetA set of bowls
boxersringA ring of boxers
boysblushA blush of boys
bratspasselA passel of brats
breadbatchA batch of bread
bridegroomsthrallA thrall of bridegrooms
bridesthrillA thrill of brides
bucksherdA herd of bucks
budgerigarsflockA flock of budgerigars
buffaloesherdA herd of buffaloes
bulletsshowerA shower of bullets
bullfinchesbellowingA bellowing of bullfinches
bullocksdroveA drove of bullocks
bureaucratsshuffleA shuffle of bureaucrats
busesfleetA fleet of buses
busboysspillA spill of busboys
busheshedgeA hedge of bushes
bustardsflockA flock of bustards
butchersgoringA goring of butchers
butlersdraughtA draught of butlers
butterfliesflightA flight of butterflies
butterfly fishschoolA school of butterfly fish
buzzardswakeA wake of buzzards

Collective nouns starting with C

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
camelsflockA flock of camels
canariesoperaAn opera of canaries
candidatesslateA slate of candidates
candiesmintA mint of candies
canyonsmazeA maze of canyons
capitalistssyndicateA syndicate of capitalists
cardinalsconclaveA conclave of cardinals
cardiologistsclotA clot of cardiologists
cardsdeckA deck of cards
caribouherdA herd of caribou
carpenterspoundA pound of carpenters
carsfleetA fleet of cars
caterpillarsarmyAn army of caterpillars
CatholicsmassA mass of Catholics
catsclowderA clowder of cats
cattleherdA herd of cattle
cavalrysquadronA squadron of cavalry
cellistsparenthesisA parenthesis of cellists
cellphonesbabelA babel of cellphones
censorsomittingAn omitting of censors
chairsfoldA fold of chairs
chamoisherdA herd of chamois
chartered planesfleetA fleet of chartered planes
cheerleadersfrenzyA frenzy of cheerleaders
cheetahscoalitionA coalition of cheetahs
chefssoupçonA soupçon of chefs
chemistscolloidA colloid of chemists
chess playersboardA board of chess players
chickensbroodA brood of chickens
childreningratitudeAn ingratitude of children
chimpanzeeswhoopA whoop of chimpanzees
chinchillasherdA herd of chinchillas
choughschatteringA chattering of choughs
churchgoerscongregationA congregation of churchgoers
churlsclusterA cluster of churls
circuitsbankA bank of circuits
clamsbedA bed of clams
clerksschoolA school of clerks
clothesbundleA bundle of clothes
cloudssouffléA soufflé of clouds
clownspratfallA pratfall of clowns
coachesfleetA fleet of coaches
cobblerscuttingA cutting of cobblers
cobrasquiverA quiver of cobras
cockatooschatteringA chattering of cockatoos
cockroachesintrusionAn intrusion of cockroaches
coconutsclusterA cluster of coconuts
codlapA lap of cod
coinsrollA roll of coins
collective nounscatchA catch of collective nouns
coltsragA rag of colts
comediansgaggleA gaggle of comedians
commercialsglutA glut of commercials
commutersdashA dash of commuters
computer operatorsbyteA byte of computer operators
computer programmersmegabyteA megabyte of computer programmers
composerschorusA chorus of composers
computersclusterA cluster of computers
con artistsscamA scam of con artists
concubinesharemA harem of concubines
condimentsaccompanimentAn accompaniment of condiments
coniesburyA bury of conies
construction workerspilingA piling of construction workers
contestantsfrenzyA frenzy of contestants
convictsgangA gang of convicts
cookshastinessA hastiness of cooks
cootscommotionA commotion of coots
cormorantsflightA flight of cormorants
cornsheafA sheaf of corn
cottonbaleA bale of cotton
coughschatteringA chattering of coughs
courtesansharemA harem of courtesans
courtiersthreateningA threatening of courtiers
cousinscountrysideA countryside of cousins
cowboyssaunterA saunter of cowboys
cowsherdA herd of cows
coyotesbandA band of coyotes
crabsscuttleA scuttle of crabs
cranesherdA herd of cranes
creditorscurseA curse of creditors
credit cardsquicksandA quicksand of credit cards
cricketerselevenAn eleven of cricketers
cricketsorchestraAn orchestra of crickets
criticspanA pan of critics
crocodilesbaskA bask of crocodiles
crowsmurderA murder of crows
cubslitterA litter of cubs
cuckoldsincredibilityAn incredibility of cuckolds
curateschargeA charge of curates
curlewsheadA head of curlews
curscowardiceA cowardice of curs
cymbalssignA sign of cymbals
cynicsbarkA bark of cynics

Collective nouns starting with D

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
dancerstroupeA troupe of dancers
deansdecorumA decorum of deans
debtmountainA mountain of debt
debtorssplitA split of debtors
debutantesdiffidenceA diffidence of debutantes
decoratorstantrumA tantrum of decorators
deerherdA herd of deer
dentistsamalgamAn amalgam of dentists
dermatologistsrashA rash of dermatologists
designerssubtletyA subtlety of designers
devilslegionA legion of devils
diamondsclusterA cluster of diamonds
diapersloadA load of diapers
diceluckA luck of dice
dictatorstyrannyA tyranny of dictators
dictionariesmeaningA meaning of dictionaries
dieterspotA pot of dieters
dieticianstrayA tray of dieticians
dinosaursherdA herd of dinosaurs
diplomatsbranleA branle of diplomats
directionsvaneA vane of directions
directorsboardA board of directors
dirty clothesloadA load of dirty clothes
divorceesdesperationA desperation of divorcees
doctorsdoctrineA doctrine of doctors
documentswealthA wealth of documents
dodosextinctionAn extinction of dodos
dogspackA pack of dogs
dollarsfistfulA fistful of dollars
dolphinspodA pod of dolphins
dominoesfallingA falling of dominoes
donkeysherdA herd of donkeys
dotterelstripA trip of dotterels
dovesbevyA bevy of doves
dowagersbevyA bevy of dowagers
dragonsflightA flight of dragons
drawerschestA chest of drawers
drinksroundA round of drinks
drugscocktailA cocktail of drugs
drummersrollA roll of drummers
drumskettleA kettle of drums
drunksloadA load of drunks
ducklingsfleetA fleet of ducklings
ducksflockA flock of ducks
dunbirdsflightA flight of dunbirds
duncesconfederacyA confederacy of dunces
dungpileA pile of dung
dunlinsflingA fling of dunlins
dustpileA pile of dust
dwarvesshortageA shortage of dwarves

Collective nouns starting with E

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
eaglesconvocationA convocation of eagles
earthquakesswarmA swarm of earthquakes
economistsdeficitA deficit of economists
editorseruditionAn erudition of editors
eelsswarmA swarm of eels
eggsclutchA clutch of eggs
egospumphouseA pumphouse of egos
elandherdA herd of eland
electorscollegeA college of electors
electriciansgridA grid of electricians
elephantsherdA herd of elephants
elkherdA herd of elk
elvesdroveA drove of elves
embarrassmentsblushA blush of embarrassments
emotionswashA wash of emotions
employeesstaffA staff of employees
emusmobA mob of emus
engineersdesignA design of engineers
EnglishmenpoundA pound of Englishmen
environmentalistsvigilanceA vigilance of environmentalists
epidemiologistscohortA cohort of epidemiologists
equestrianspranceA prance of equestrians
errandshassleA hassle of errands
errorscomedyA comedy of errors
estimationsboutA bout of estimations
eventschainA chain of events
examsseriesA series of exams
executivesboardA board of executives
expertspanelA panel of experts
exterminatorsslewA slew of exterminators

Collective nouns starting with F

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
fairiesherdA herd of fairies
falconscastA cast of falcons
familiesclutchA clutch of families
fansthrillA thrill of fans
farmersplainA plain of farmers
fathersdistractionA distraction of fathers
fencerspokeA poke of fencers
ferretsbusinessA business of ferrets
finchescharmA charm of finches
figure skatersaxelAn axel of figure skaters
firebaptismA baptism of fire
firefighterspluckA pluck of firefighters
firewoodfagotA fagot of firewood
fireworksexultationAn exultation of fireworks
firefliesconflagrationA conflagration of fireflies
fishschoolA school of fish
fishermendriftA drift of fishermen
flagsbuntingA bunting of flags
flamingosstandA stand of flamingos
flatsblockA block of flats
fliesswarmA swarm of flies
floristsbouquetA bouquet of florists
flowersbouquetA bouquet of flowers
flutistsflutterA flutter of flutists
foodpantryA pantry of food
foolscompanyA company of fools
footballersteamA team of footballers
forestersstalkA stalk of foresters
fowlroostA roost of fowl
foxesskulkA skulk of foxes
freezersglacierA glacier of freezers
FrenchmenpeckA peck of Frenchmen
freshmenplenitudeA plenitude of freshmen
friarsskulkA skulk of friars
friendscircleA circle of friends
frogsarmyAn army of frogs
fruitsbasketA basket of fruits
fruittreesorchardAn orchard of fruittrees
fungicolonyA colony of fungi
furnituresuiteA suite of furniture

Collective nouns starting with G

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
gamblersrollA roll of gamblers
gangstersmobA mob of gangsters
garbagepileA pile of garbage
gardenerssprinklingA sprinkling of gardeners
gaysvillageA village of gays
gearsrackA rack of gears
geeseflockA flock of geese
geldingsclippingA clipping of geldings
genealogiststreeA tree of genealogists
generalsglitterA glitter of generals
geneticistshelixA helix of geneticists
geologistsconglomerateA conglomerate of geologists
gerbilshordeA horde of gerbils
GermansgrossA gross of Germans
ghostsfrightA fright of ghosts
giraffesherdA herd of giraffes
girlsgiggleA giggle of girls
gloveselicatAn elicat of gloves
glazierscrashA crash of glaziers
gluttonsslaverA slaver of gluttons
gnatscloudA cloud of gnats
gnusherdA herd of gnus
goatsherdA herd of goats
godspantheonA pantheon of gods
goldhoardA hoard of gold
goldfinchescharmA charm of goldfinches
goldfishglintA glint of goldfish
golf ballsflightA flight of golf balls
golf cartsskitterA skitter of golf carts
golf clubssetA set of golf clubs
golferslieA lie of golfers
goonsplunderA plunder of goons
gorillasbandA band of gorillas
goshawksflightA flight of goshawks
goslingsskeinA skein of goslings
gossipsdishA dish of gossips
gourmandsdelicatessenA delicatessen of gourmands
gourmetsdelicatessenA delicatessen of gourmets
governessesgalaxyA galaxy of governesses
graduate studentsfortitudeA fortitude of graduate students
graduatesunemploymentAn unemployment of graduates
graffitieyesoreAn eyesore of graffiti
grammariansconjunctionA conjunction of grammarians
grandparentswisdomA wisdom of grandparents
grapesbunchA bunch of grapes
grasstuftA tuft of grass
grassesfistfulA fistful of grasses
grasshopperscloudA cloud of grasshoppers
greeting cardsbromideA bromide of greeting cards
greyhoundsleashA leash of greyhounds
griffinsprideA pride of griffins
gritsmessA mess of grits
grousecoveyA covey of grouse
guillemotsbazaarA bazaar of guillemots
guinea pigsherdA herd of guinea pigs
guitaristsfretA fret of guitarists
gullscolonyA colony of gulls
gunfirehailA hail of gunfire
gunsbatteryA battery of guns
gunshipshailstormA hailstorm of gunships
gurusprofitA profit of gurus
gymnaststumblerA tumbler of gymnasts
gynaecologistssmearA smear of gynaecologists
gypsiesstoreA store of gypsies

Collective nouns starting with H

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
hackerscruftA cruft of hackers
haematologistsrouleauA rouleau of haematologists
hairlockA lock of hair
hairdresserspoufA pouf of hairdressers
hamstershordeA horde of hamsters
hangersjangleA jangle of hangers
haresdownA down of hares
harlotsherdA herd of harlots
harpistsmelodyA melody of harpists
harpstwangleA twangle of harps
hartsherdA herd of harts
hawkscastA cast of hawks
haytrussA truss of hay
hedgehogsprickleA prickle of hedgehogs
heirsexpectationAn expectation of heirs
helicoptershoverA hover of helicopters
hensbroodA brood of hens
hermitsobservanceAn observance of hermits
heronssiegeA siege of herons
herringsgleanA glean of herrings
hidesdickerA dicker of hides
hillsrangeA range of hills
hindsparcelA parcel of hinds
hippiestripA trip of hippies
hippopotamusesbloatA bloat of hippopotamuses
historiansargumentationAn argumentation of historians
hogssounderA sounder of hogs
homeworkslewA slew of homework
homosexualsensembleAn ensemble of homosexuals
hornetsnestA nest of hornets
horsemencavalcadeA cavalcade of horsemen
horsesherdA herd of horses
hostlerslaughterA laughter of hostlers
houndspackA pack of hounds
housekeepersforesightA foresight of housekeepers
houseshuddleA huddle of houses
hummingbirdscharmA charm of hummingbirds
huntersblastA blast of hunters
husbandsmultiplyingA multiplying of husbands
hyenasclanA clan of hyenas
hypocritesregimentA regiment of hypocrites

Collective nouns starting with I

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
ibexherdA herd of ibex
ibisescolonyA colony of ibises
icefloeA floe of ice
icebergsdriftA drift of icebergs
ice creambowlA bowl of ice cream
ice cream cartschimeA chime of ice cream carts
ichthyologistsscaleA scale of ichthyologists
iconsshieldA shield of icons
ideasfloodlightA floodlight of ideas
idiotsthicketA thicket of idiots
iguanasmessA mess of iguanas
impalascoupleA couple of impalas
impressionistsblurA blur of impressionists
infantrycrècheA crèche of infantry
informationwealthA wealth of information
in-lawsimpositionAn imposition of in-laws
insectsswarmA swarm of insects
instrumentsparleyA parley of instruments
IrishmenpintA pint of Irishmen
islandschainA chain of islands
ItaliansexplosionAn explosion of Italians

Collective nouns starting with J

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
jackdawsbandA band of jackdaws
jaguarsprowlA prowl of jaguars
jampreserveA preserve of jam
jaysbandA band of jays
jellyfishflutherA fluther of jellyfish
jetsfleetA fleet of jets
jewellersringA ring of jewellers
jewelerycacheA cache of jewelery
jobsstringA string of jobs
jockeysraceA race of jockeys
joggerswheezeA wheeze of joggers
journalistsscoopA scoop of journalists
judgesbenchA bench of judges
jugglersneverthrivingA neverthriving of jugglers
juicepackA pack of juice
juniorsgratitudeA gratitude of juniors
jurorsdamningA damning of jurors

Collective nouns starting with K

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
kangaroosmobA mob of kangaroos
kestrelshoverA hover of kestrels
keysringA ring of keys
kidscaperA caper of kids
keglersbowlA bowl of keglers
kingfishersrealmA realm of kingfishers
kingslineA line of kings
kitessoarA soar of kites
kittenskindleA kindle of kittens
kleptomaniacsclutchA clutch of kleptomaniacs
knavesriffraffA riffraff of knaves
knightsbannerA banner of knights
knotsclusterA cluster of knots

Collective nouns starting with L

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
laborersgangA gang of laborers
ladiesbevyA bevy of ladies
ladybugslovelinessA loveliness of ladybugs
ladybugsbloomA bloom of ladybugs
ladybirdslovelinessA loveliness of ladybirds
lambsfallA fall of lambs
landlordslachesA laches of landlords
lapwingsdeceitA deceit of lapwings
larksexaltationAn exaltation of larks
lawnmowersraspA rasp of lawnmowers
lawyershuddleA huddle of lawyers
leavesautumnAn autumn of leaves
lecturersdriftA drift of lecturers
lemursconspiracyA conspiracy of lemurs
lemurstroopA troop of lemurs
lemursmobA mob of lemurs
leopardsleapA leap of leopards
leperscolonyA colony of lepers
lesbianstoughA tough of lesbians
lettersbudgetA budget of letters
leveretskindleA kindle of leverets
liarsglorifyingA glorifying of liars
librarianscatalogueA catalogue of librarians
licecolonyA colony of lice
liestissueA tissue of lies
linespencilA pencil of lines
linguistsbabbleA babble of linguists
lionsprideA pride of lions
listenersaudienceAn audience of listeners
lizardsloungeA lounge of lizards
llamasherdA herd of llamas
loafersmultiplicationA multiplication of loafers
loavesbatchA batch of loaves
lobbyistsbuttonholeA buttonhole of lobbyists
localsplagueA plague of locals
lobstersriskA risk of lobsters
locksmithssesameA sesame of locksmiths
locustsplagueA plague of locusts
lolliespacketA packet of lollies
lordsleapingA leaping of lords
lorriesfleetA fleet of lorries
lovebirdspairA pair of lovebirds
loverstranceA trance of lovers
luggageodysseyAn odyssey of luggage
luminariesarrayAn array of luminaries
lutistslitanyA litany of lutists
lynxchainA chain of lynx
lyricistsbridgeA bridge of lyricists

Collective nouns starting with M

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
machine gunsnestA nest of machine guns
mackerelshoalA shoal of mackerel
magazineslabyrinthA labyrinth of magazines
magiciansillusionAn illusion of magicians
magistratesbenchA bench of magistrates
magpiestidingA tiding of magpies
maidensrageA rage of maidens
mailmenroundA round of mailmen
mallardssordA sord of mallards
mallssprawlA sprawl of malls
managersasylumAn asylum of managers
manicuristsfileA file of manicurists
mapsatlasAn atlas of maps
maresstudA stud of mares
marinesmuscleA muscle of marines
martensrichnessA richness of martens
martinsrichessA richess of martins
masseurspummelA pummel of masseurs
mastersexampleAn example of masters
matadorspavanneA pavanne of matadors
matchesbookA book of matches
mathematiciansnumberA number of mathematicians
matronsrichesA riches of matrons
mechanicsclutchA clutch of mechanics
mediatorscompromiseA compromise of mediators
meerkatsclanA clan of meerkats
melonsbouquetA bouquet of melons
memberscouncilA council of members
menbandA band of men
merchantsfaithA faith of merchants
merlinscastA cast of merlins
messengersdiligenceA diligence of messengers
metallurgistsamalgamationAn amalgamation of metallurgists
meteorologistsshowerA shower of meteorologists
micenestA nest of mice
microbiologistscolonyA colony of microbiologists
microbiologistscultureA culture of microbiologists
midgesbiteA bite of midges
midwivesexpectationAn expectation of midwives
millionaireswealthA wealth of millionaires
ministersassemblyAn assembly of ministers
minksrichnessA richness of minks
minnowsstreamA stream of minnows
misershordeA horde of misers
mockingbirdsimpressionAn impression of mockingbirds
modelsslouchA slouch of models
molescompanyA company of moles
moneywadA wad of money
mongoosesbandA band of mongooses
mongrelsménageA ménage of mongrels
monitorsbankA bank of monitors
monkeystroopA troop of monkeys
monksabominable sightAn abominable sight of monks
monstersbestiaryA bestiary of monsters
moorhensplumpA plump of moorhens
mooseherdA herd of moose
MormonsbookA book of Mormons
morning gloriesdawnA dawn of morning glories
morticiansslabA slab of morticians
mosquitoesscourgeA scourge of mosquitoes
mothersconsternationA consternation of mothers
mothers-in-lawmutterA mutter of mothers-in-law
motorcyclistsclutchA clutch of motorcyclists
mountaineersuprisingAn uprising of mountaineers
mountainsrangeA range of mountains
mournerscortegeA cortege of mourners
mud hensfleetA fleet of mud hens
mulesbarrenA barren of mules
museumsmarchA march of museums
mushroomstroopA troop of mushrooms
musiciansbandA band of musicians
musselsbedA bed of mussels

Collective nouns starting with N

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
narcissistsreflectionA reflection of narcissists
nationsleagueA league of nations
nativestribeA tribe of natives
neighboursannoyanceAn annoyance of neighbours
nervesbundleA bundle of nerves
nestlingsbroodA brood of nestlings
neurologistssynapseA synapse of neurologists
newsboysscreamA scream of newsboys
newscastersveneerA veneer of newscasters
newspapersstackA stack of newspapers
newtsarmadaAn armada of newts
niecessquealA squeal of nieces
nightingaleswatchA watch of nightingales
night watchmenpallorA pallor of night watchmen
northernersfreezeA freeze of northerners
noteswadA wad of notes
nounscollectiveA collective of nouns
noisesgallimaufryA gallimaufry of noises
numberssetA set of numbers
nunssuperfluityA superfluity of nuns
nursesdearthA dearth of nurses
nymphomaniacsspreadA spread of nymphomaniacs

Collective nouns starting with O

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
oarsmenrowA row of oarsmen
objectscollectionA collection of objects
oboistsplaintA plaint of oboists
obstetriciansgestationA gestation of obstetricians
octopusesconsortiumA consortium of octopuses
office boysogleAn ogle of office boys
officersmessA mess of officers
oncologistslumpA lump of oncologists
oncologistsmassA mass of oncologists
onionsropeA rope of onions
onlookerscrowdA crowd of onlookers
operasgrandiosityA grandiosity of operas
ophthalmologistsspectacle A spectacle of ophthalmologists
ophthalmologistsorbitAn orbit of ophthalmologists
ophthalmologistsretinueA retinue of ophthalmologists
optometristsvisionA vision of optometrists
orangespocketA pocket of oranges
orangutansbuffooneryA buffoonery of orangutans
oratorspodiumA podium of orators
orchidscoterieA coterie of orchids
orgiastsconcatenationA concatenation of orgiasts
orphansabandonmentAn abandonment of orphans
orthodontistsbraceA brace of orthodontists
orthopaedistscastA cast of orthopaedists
orthopaedistsjointA joint of orthopaedists
osteopathsjointA joint of osteopaths
ostrichesflockA flock of ostriches
otologistsherdA herd of otologists
ottersbevyA bevy of otters
ovensrangeA range of ovens
oxbirdsflingA fling of oxbirds
oxenherdA herd of oxen
owlsparliamentA parliament of owls
oystersbedA bed of oysters

Collective nouns starting with P

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
paediatricianshowlA howl of paediatricians
paintersillusionAn illusion of painters
paisleysswirlA swirl of paisleys
palindromestenetA tenet of palindromes
palm readershandfulA handful of palm readers
paparazziflashA flash of paparazzi
paperreamA ream of paper
paratroopersstormA storm of paratroopers
pardonerslyingA lying of pardoners
parentspersistenceA persistence of parents
parishionerskneelingA kneeling of parishioners
parking attendantslotA lot of parking attendants
parrotscompanyA company of parrots
partridgescoveyA covey of partridges
pathologistsbodyA body of pathologists
patientsvirtueA virtue of patients
peacocksmusterA muster of peacocks
pearlsstringA string of pearls
peaspodA pod of peas
peasantstoilA toil of peasants
pediatriciansshotA shot of pediatricians
pelicanscolonyA colony of pelicans
penguinscolonyA colony of penguins
peoplecrowdA crowd of people
perchpackA pack of perch
percussionistsmeterA meter of percussionists
peregrinescadgeA cadge of peregrines
performerstroupeA troupe of performers
pharmaciststinctureA tincture of pharmacists
pheasantsbouquetA bouquet of pheasants
philatelistsstampedeA stampede of philatelists
philosophersponderA ponder of philosophers
photographerssnapA snap of photographers
photographsalbumAn album of photographs
physicianscollegeA college of physicians
physicistsnucleusA nucleus of physicists
physiotherapistsexercise An exercise of physiotherapists
pianistspoundA pound of pianists
picturesportfolioA portfolio of pictures
pigeonsflockA flock of pigeons
pigletslitterA litter of piglets
pigsherdA herd of pigs
pilchardsshoalA shoal of pilchards
pilotsyokeA yoke of pilots
pintailsknobA knob of pintails
piperspovertyA poverty of pipers
piratesbandA band of pirates
planesflightA flight of planes
plantsnurseryA nursery of plants
plastic surgeonsflapA flap of plastic surgeons
playersteamA team of players
playing cardsdeckA deck of playing cards
ploverscongregationA congregation of plovers
plumbersflushA flush of plumbers
plumsbasketA basket of plums
pochardrushA rush of pochard
podiatristsblisterA blister of podiatrists
poemsanthologyAn anthology of poems
poetsiambAn iamb of poets
poker playersstudA stud of poker players
polar bearsauroraAn aurora of polar bears
polecatschineA chine of polecats
policeposseA posse of police
politiciansequivocationAn equivocation of politicians
poniesstringA string of ponies
PoodlessalonA salon of Poodles
porcupinesprickleA prickle of porcupines
porpoisesschoolA school of porpoises
portersgripA grip of porters
portfolio managersstockA stock of portfolio managers
posersposseA posse of posers
possumspasselA passel of possums
postal workersparcelA parcel of postal workers
potholeswhiplashA whiplash of potholes
pottagemessA mess of pottage
potterswheelA wheel of potters
poultryrunA run of poultry
prairie dogscoterieA coterie of prairie dogs
preachersconvertingA converting of preachers
priestsmassA mass of priests
prima donnasspiteA spite of prima donnas
princesstateA state of princes
princessesroyaltyA royalty of princesses
principalslackA lack of principals
prisonerspityA pity of prisoners
proctologistspileA pile of proctologists
producerspanicA panic of producers
professionsgamutA gamut of professions
professorstenureA tenure of professors
programmersarchiveAn archive of programmers
proofreaderssquintA squint of proofreaders
proseanthologyAn anthology of prose
prostitutesstableA stable of prostitutes
psychoanalystsdreamA dream of psychoanalysts
psychologistscomplexA complex of psychologists
psychotherapistsinterpretationAn interpretation of psychotherapists
ptarmigansparliamentA parliament of ptarmigans
public speakerstwaddleA twaddle of public speakers
puddlessplashA splash of puddles
puffinsraftA raft of puffins
pugsgrumbleA grumble of pugs
pulmonologistsconsolidationA consolidation of pulmonologists
pumaprowlA prowl of puma
punsgroanA groan of puns
puppieslitterA litter of puppies
pyromaniacsblazeA blaze of pyromaniacs

Collective nouns starting with Q

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
quailbevyA bevy of quail
QuakersmeetingA meeting of Quakers
quarterbackssackA sack of quarterbacks
questionsnumberA number of questions
quiltshotbedA hotbed of quilts

R - List of collective nouns starting with R

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
rabbitscolonyA colony of rabbits
raccoonsgazeA gaze of raccoons
racehorsesstringA string of racehorses
radiologistsscanA scan of radiologists
radiologistsseriesA series of radiologists
ragsbundleA bundle of rags
ramsbatteryA battery of rams
ratspackA pack of rats
rattlesnakesrhumbaA rhumba of rattlesnakes
ravensunkindnessAn unkindness of ravens
realtorslotA lot of realtors
reasonsrainbowA rainbow of reasons
rebuttalsquiverA quiver of rebuttals
redwingcrowdA crowd of redwing
reedsclumpA clump of reeds
refugeesflightA flight of refugees
reindeerherdA herd of reindeer
relativesdescentA descent of relatives
repairmenoverchargeAn overcharge of repairmen
reportersscoopA scoop of reporters
reviewerspanA pan of reviewers
rhinocerosescrashA crash of rhinoceroses
richesembarrassmentAn embarrassment of riches
riotersmeleeA melee of rioters
robbersbandA band of robbers
robinswormA worm of robins
roe deerbevyA bevy of roe deer
robotscogA cog of robots
rooksbuildingA building of rooks
roomssuiteA suite of rooms
rosesbouquetA bouquet of roses
ruffshillA hill of ruffs
ruinsheapA heap of ruins
runnersfieldA field of runners

Collective nouns starting with S

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
sailorscrewA crew of sailors
saintscalendarA calendar of saints
salesmensampleA sample of salesmen
salmonbindA bind of salmon
saltlotA lot of salt
sandheapA heap of sand
sandpipersflingA fling of sandpipers
sardinesfamilyA family of sardines
satellitesorbitAn orbit of satellites
savageshordeA horde of savages
scholarsbrowA brow of scholars
schoolboysroutA rout of schoolboys
ScotsclanA clan of Scots
seagullsflockA flock of seagulls
Sea horsesherdA herd of Sea horses
sealsherdA herd of seals
seamstressesscoldingA scolding of seamstresses
seismologistsquakeA quake of seismologists
senatorshouseA house of senators
seniorsattitudeAn attitude of seniors
sergeantssubtletyA subtlety of sergeants
sermonssquashA squash of sermons
servantsobeisanceAn obeisance of servants
shadshoalA shoal of shad
sharksschoolA school of sharks
sheepherdA herd of sheep
sheldrakesdoppingA dopping of sheldrakes
shellssalvoA salvo of shells
shepherdsSodomA Sodom of shepherds
sheriffsposseA posse of sheriffs
shipsfleetA fleet of ships
shoemakersblackeningA blackening of shoemakers
shoesscandalA scandal of shoes
shopperscrushA crush of shoppers
shopping cartssambaA samba of shopping carts
shrimpstroupA troup of shrimps
silk-screenspullA pull of silk-screens
silkskeinA skein of silk
similessuperfluityA superfluity of similes
singerschoirA choir of singers
sirenswailA wail of sirens
skunksstenchA stench of skunks
slavescoffleA coffle of slaves
slothsslumberA slumber of sloths
slugscornucopiaA cornucopia of slugs
smokersbillowA billow of smokers
snailsroutA rout of snails
snakesdenA den of snakes
snipewhisperA whisper of snipe
snowblanketA blanket of snow
softwarecrashA crash of software
soldiersarmyAn army of soldiers
sophomoresplatitudeA platitude of sophomores
sopranossweetnessA sweetness of sopranos
sparrowshostA host of sparrows
spidersclusterA cluster of spiders
spiesduplicityA duplicity of spies
sponsorssplurgeA splurge of sponsors
squirrelsscurryA scurry of squirrels
stairsflightA flight of stairs
stalkersfollowingA following of stalkers
stampsalbumAn album of stamps
starfishgalaxyA galaxy of starfish
starletsgalaxyA galaxy of starlets
starlingsmurmurationA murmuration of starlings
starsgalaxyA galaxy of stars
statisticiansnumberA number of statisticians
stepsflightA flight of steps
stewardscredenceA credence of stewards
sticklebacksspreadA spread of sticklebacks
sticksfagotA fagot of sticks
stingraysfeverA fever of stingrays
stoatspackA pack of stoats
stockbrokersportfolioA portfolio of stockbrokers
storksmusterA muster of storks
strawberriespunnetA punnet of strawberries
strumpetsflourishA flourish of strumpets
studentsclassA class of students
submarinespackA pack of submarines
suitcasespackA pack of suitcases
suitorsswarmA swarm of suitors
summonersuntruthAn untruth of summoners
sundaysmonthA month of sundays
surferswaveA wave of surfers
surgeonsstitchA stitch of surgeons
surgeonsincisionAn incision of surgeons
surprisesbooA boo of surprises
surveyorschainA chain of surveyors
suspectsfidgetA fidget of suspects
swallowsflightA flight of swallows
swansbevyA bevy of swans
swiftsflockA flock of swifts
swimmersraftA raft of swimmers
swindlersschemeA scheme of swindlers
swinesounderA sounder of swine
swingersorgyAn orgy of swingers
SwisswatchA watch of Swiss
swordfishflotillaA flotilla of swordfish
sycophantsgushA gush of sycophants

Collective nouns starting with T

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
tailorsdisguisingA disguising of tailors
tanksclankA clank of tanks
tapirscandleA candle of tapirs
tapsterspromiseA promise of tapsters
tartsjamA jam of tarts
tasksagendaAn agenda of tasks
taxischargeA charge of taxis
teachersstaffA staff of teachers
tealsspringA spring of teals
teddy bearshugA hug of teddy bears
teenagersattitudeAn attitude of teenagers
teethrageA rage of teeth
telecom workersbroadbandA broadband of telecom workers
termitescolonyA colony of termites
terriersterrorA terror of terriers
testiclesclutchA clutch of testicles
testsbatteryA battery of tests
TexansmobA mob of Texans
thievesgangA gang of thieves
thingsbunchA bunch of things
thrushesmutationA mutation of thrushes
tigersstreakA streak of tigers
toadsknotA knot of toads
tomatoesclutchA clutch of tomatoes
tomorrowspromiseA promise of tomorrows
toolssetA set of tools
tortoisescreepA creep of tortoises
toucansduranteA durante of toucans
touristsflockA flock of tourists
toysassemblyAn assembly of toys
trainspostponementA postponement of trains
trainerstormentA torment of trainers
tranquilizersequanimityAn equanimity of tranquilizers
transvestitestravestyA travesty of transvestites
trashheapA heap of trash
treasuretroveA trove of treasure
treesclumpA clump of trees
troopsparelA parel of troops
troublesseaA sea of troubles
trouthoverA hover of trout
trucksconvoyA convoy of trucks
trumpetsflourishA flourish of trumpets
trusteesboardA board of trustees
truthspithyA pithy of truths
tuba playerstumultA tumult of tuba players
tunafloatA float of tuna
turdssteamA steam of turds
turkeysraffleA raffle of turkeys
turtledovespityingA pitying of turtledoves
turtlesbaleA bale of turtles

Collective nouns starting with U

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
umbrellasphalanxA phalanx of umbrellas
umpirespanelA panel of umpires
undertakersunctionAn unction of undertakers
unicornsblessingA blessing of unicorns
urologistsstreamA stream of urologists
used car salesmengreat dealA great deal of used car salesmen
ushersseatA seat of ushers
utensilssetA set of utensils

Collective nouns starting with V

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
vacationerspeelA peel of vacationers
vampirescovenA coven of vampires
vansfleetA fleet of vans
vegetablesbasketA basket of vegetables
vegetarianssprigA sprig of vegetarians
vehiclesconvoyA convoy of vehicles
vendorshaggleA haggle of vendors
vesselsfleetA fleet of vessels
vicarsprudenceA prudence of vicars
violinistsstringA string of violinists
vipersnestA nest of vipers
volescolonyA colony of voles
votersconstituencyA constituency of voters
vultureswakeA wake of vultures

Collective nouns starting with W

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
wagersbookA book of wagers
waitersabsenceAn absence of waiters
walkersambleAn amble of walkers
wallabiesmobA mob of wallabies
walrusesherdA herd of walruses
warshipsarmadaAn armada of warships
warthogssounderA sounder of warthogs
washing machinesshudderA shudder of washing machines
waspsnestA nest of wasps
waterfowlplumpA plump of waterfowl
weaponscacheA cache of weapons
weaselssneakA sneak of weasels
weaversshuttleA shuttle of weavers
whalesschoolA school of whales
wheatsheafA sheaf of wheat
whelpslitterA litter of whelps
whitingpodA pod of whiting
whoresparliament A parliament of whores
widgeoncompanyA company of widgeon
widowsambushAn ambush of widows
wildcatsdestructionA destruction of wildcats
wildebeestherdA herd of wildebeest
wild boarssounderA sounder of wild boars
wildfowlplumpA plump of wildfowl
willowsbendA bend of willows
windmillstiltA tilt of windmills
wine tastersbouquetA bouquet of wine tasters
wing commandersflushA flush of wing commanders
winnersshoutA shout of winners
winningspurseA purse of winnings
witchescovenA coven of witches
wivesimpatienceAn impatience of wives
wizardscongeriesA congeries of wizards
wolvespackA pack of wolves
wombatsmobA mob of wombats
womengaggleA gaggle of women
woodcordA cord of wood
woodcocksfallA fall of woodcocks
woodpeckersdescentA descent of woodpeckers
woodwindscordA cord of woodwinds
woolbaleA bale of wool
wordscharmA charm of words
workersteamA team of workers
wormsclewA clew of worms
worshiperscongregationA congregation of worshipers
wrensherdA herd of wrens
wrestlersclutchA clutch of wrestlers
writersworshipA worship of writers

Collective nouns starting with Y

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
yachtsfleetA fleet of yachts
yaksherdA herd of yaks
yearsscoreA score of years
yeomenfellowshipA fellowship of yeomen
yesterdaysflightA flight of yesterdays
yogurtassortmentAn assortment of yogurt
youthsoptimismAn optimism of youths

Collective nouns starting with Z

Subject Collective Noun Usage Example
zebrasherdA herd of zebras
zombiesstenchA stench of zombies
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collective nouns for birds
collective nouns for things
collective nouns for people
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