Names for Groups of Animals

The generic collective noun for any type of animals is a herd.
Animal Collective Noun Usage
aardvarksarmouryAn armoury of aardvarks
alligatorscongregationA congregation of alligators
alpacasherdA herd of alpacas
antelopesherdA herd of antelopes
apesshrewdnessA shrewdness of apes
armadillosrollA roll of armadillos
assesherdA herd of asses
baboonstroopA troop of baboons
badgersceteA cete of badgers
batscolonyA colony of bats
beaverscolonyA colony of beavers
bisongangA gang of bison
boarsherdA herd of boars
buffaloesherdA herd of buffaloes
bullocksdroveA drove of bullocks
camelsflockA flock of camels
caribouherdA herd of caribou
catsclowderA clowder of cats
cattleherdA herd of cattle
cheetahscoalitionA coalition of cheetahs
chimpanzeeswhoopA whoop of chimpanzees
cowsherdA herd of cows
coyotesbandA band of coyotes
crocodilesbaskA bask of crocodiles
deerherdA herd of deer
dogspackA pack of dogs
dolphinspodA pod of dolphins
donkeysherdA herd of donkeys
elephantsherdA herd of elephants
elkherdA herd of elk
ferretsbusinessA business of ferrets
foxesskulkA skulk of foxes
frogsarmyAn army of frogs
gnusherdA herd of gnus
goatsherdA herd of goats
gorillasbandA band of gorillas
guinea pigsherdA herd of guinea pigs
hamstershordeA horde of hamsters
haresdownA down of hares
hedgehogsprickleA prickle of hedgehogs
hippopotamusesbloatA bloat of hippopotamuses
hogssounderA sounder of hogs
horsesherdA herd of horses
houndspackA pack of hounds
hyenasclanA clan of hyenas
iguanasmessA mess of iguanas
impalascoupleA couple of impalas
jaguarsprowlA prowl of jaguars
kangaroosmobA mob of kangaroos
lambsfallA fall of lambs
leopardsleapA leap of leopards
lionsprideA pride of lions
llamasherdA herd of llamas
mongoosesbandA band of mongooses
monkeystroopA troop of monkeys
mooseherdA herd of moose
mulesbarrenA barren of mules
orangutansbuffooneryA buffoonery of orangutans
ottersbevyA bevy of otters
oxenherdA herd of oxen
pandasembarrassmentAn embarrassment of pandas
pigsherdA herd of pigs
polar bearsauroraAn aurora of polar bears
porcupinesprickleA prickle of porcupines
rabbitscolonyA colony of rabbits
raccoonsgazeA gaze of raccoons
ratspackA pack of rats
rhinocerosescrashA crash of rhinoceroses
sharksschoolA school of sharks
sheepherdA herd of sheep
squirrelsscurryA scurry of squirrels
tigersstreakA streak of tigers
tortoisescreepA creep of tortoises
whalesschoolA school of whales
wolvespackA pack of wolves
yaksherdA herd of yaks
zebrasherdA herd of zebras
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